Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Shadow Boxing...

Is very important for people to remember when you read my writings.  I am a human rights advocate.  That is my job.  All my life when I was working as a financial analyst or whatever job I was doing.  I was always a human rights advocate.  But being a human rights advocate does not mean I hate any human being.  Because I do not.  God made everything in everything that is.  I do not hate what God made.  God made every person in this world.  But God did not make our behavior.  We are the ones who choose to behave in whatever way we choose to do so.  And God has nothing to do with it.  So when someone behaves in any way that can bring harm to any individual or to kill an individual is a result of their behavior they can't blame God for that.

The right wing white Christian extremists in the United States are constantly talking about how they hate Jews and how they hate everyone who isn't white and Christian.  And yet when they do they show very clearly that they don't even love their own Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who was in fact a Jew.  God is not making them do that.  They're doing that on their own.  And these right wing white Christian extremists are citing the book of Mark and the story of Saul when they claim to justify their racism.  But the book of Mark was not written by God.  It was written by a disciple.  Meaning it was written by a man.  So it is not the word of God is the word of a human being.

Our world is in rather serious trouble.  Whether anyone likes it or not, that is the reality of the matter.  The environment is degenerating.  That is the reality.  In my global warming research, listed in my see also section below, there is substantial proof from the best scientific minds over the last 150 years that 40% of any potential climate change or global warming process that may in fact be taking place has in fact been done by all of us as human beings.  60% is due to the fact that the earth is getting older.  That is the reality.

And when you consider that reality.  You also have to consider the fact that racism and right wing extremism is tearing apart this entire planet.  If we as American citizens.  And if we as world citizens don't stand together.  Then we will probably mostly all die.  Will either die as a result of extremism or we will die as a result of the earth becoming so dysfunctional, environmentally the survival will become so difficult to just many of us will not survive.

At age 62, with my wife now dead from liver cancer.  I know my life is coming to a close.  And I'm not afraid because I don't have a problem going to God and 62 years I have never raised my hands in anger against a single human being.  I have never struck a single human being in the 62 years I have lived in this world.  Not once.

But at the same time as a human rights advocate.  I am prepared to do anything I possibly can to protect my fellow citizens in America and around the world.  Seeing as how I am rather severely disabled.  I don't really have very much opportunity to go out into the world and do just that.  To do whatever I can to protect my fellow citizens or to stand in solidarity with the brave men and women in our American military or our police officers or firefighters or the many wonderful and brave people in our medical communities or teachers.  Or any of the other fantastic Americans in this country.  But what I can do is use my Journal to express my opinions and my thoughts of what I see.  Taking place in this world.

In the book of revelations it says very clearly that the Prince of darkness.  So to speak, will present themselves in such a way so that no one will actually know who they are.  2000 years ago there was a Jew by the name of John the Baptist and everyone thought he was crazy when he tried to announce the coming age of Enlightenment.  And the best that people can do with that time was to cut his head off and put it on a silver plate.  As I've said before, I'm not John the Baptist.  But I am a halfbreed Jew.  And I know racism and bigotry real well.  I've dealt with at all my life.  Because no matter where I've gone one way or the other.  I have always been marked.  I've been marked by racism from the Christian and Catholic extremists.  I have many many friends who were wonderful Christians and Catholics throughout this country.  I have friends who are Jehovah's Witnesses.  I have friends who are Muslims and Jews and Buddhists.  Because that's what they are, their friends.  And every single Christian.  I have ever known whether they work a Mormon a Quaker or your hose witness or a Catholic it didn't matter if they really are consistent within their face.  The first thing that they always know is that the Jews are their brothers and sisters.  Because Jesus was a Jew.

So when you listen to a lot of these extremists.  Not only in the Catholic and Christian religion.  But from every religion in this world realize one thing.  You're not listening to anyone who actually speaks for God.  You listen to someone who speaks against God.  And the same is true with patriotism in the United States.  The members of Congress are required by constitutional law to protect and defend the Constitution with their lives and to uphold and to secure the rights and liberties for the American people.  So any group in Congress that is in fact not doing that is not only breaking the law.  Meaning breaking federal and constitutional law.  But they are in fact using to ignore their duty as American citizens.  We never hear the Republican Party and the tea party talking about how many women are murdered in this country.  But the reality is every single 32nd surpasses another woman as being either raped and beaten or murdered in the United States.  That's 6.6 million women per year.  And with the United States being 78% Christian.  It is absolutely physically and scientifically and mathematically impossible the 23% of this country is responsible for 6 million murders of women.  It's impossible.  Which means most, if not a lot of at the very least, of the women who are being killed in this country are being murdered by Christians.  So what manner of Christian who claims to worship Jesus Christ can kill a woman.  When Jesus died protecting women?  Ask yourselves that?

The tea party and the Congress comes from the most racist cities in this country.  Every member of the tea party, who comes from Ohio who is in the Congress of these United States comes from the most racist cities in the state of Ohio.  That is a proven fact.  And every single member of the tea party throughout this nation is either in association with or support of or is actually a member of the Ku Klux Klan and the Army of God.  And the Army of God claims to be good Christians.  Yet they hate Jews.  Which means the Army of God is not in fact working for Jesus Christ because Jesus was a Jew.  So the Army of God is actually working for Satan.  Any Catholic or Christian in the state of Texas who says they hate Jews or any minister in Texas or anywhere else who says they hate Jews is immediately saying that they hate Jesus Christ.  And that's exactly how the book of revelations explains it.  But the Prince of darkness will present themselves in such a way so that the people will not know.  So open your eyes.

Remember that not only are we humans here on Earth to worship this energy in believe in this energy beyond this world that so many of us call God but we are also world citizens.  And in the United States being a world citizen means being an American citizen.  And American citizenship is not free.  It never was.  If you are an American citizen you are required by constitutional law to be prepared to give up your life at any given second.  Whether you are in the military or just a regular citizen the same responsibility falls on all of us.  To be prepared to die at any given second to protect the Constitution and the civil liberties of this nation.  That is the price of freedom.

So when we have members of Congress who are refusing to do their duty to legislate.  But in fact are doing everything they can to destroy this country economically.  Then, those members of Congress are refusing to do their legal duty as American citizens to protect and defend the Constitution.  They are also refusing to do their duty as members of Congress to protect that document because they took an oath to do so.

And for the members of Congress to continue to claim that they're going to get their pay raises while we are their employers are going to take a pay cut what the members of Congress don't realize is that, under constitutional law no member of Congress is allowed to set themselves up above the people.  Which means that anything that a member of Congress does any other American citizen has the right to do.  Also.  So the members of Congress take their payraise and then they cut our services who are their employers.  It means that they are legally providing a precedent for every employee in this country to take a payraise at the expense of their employer.  Because that's what the members of Congress are doing and they are not allowed to set themselves above the law.

That is why I'm calling for recall of the United States Congress.  Because a guy resist become infected and corrupted.  It is no longer representing the people of this nation Congress is now representing the wealthy and white Christians.  But my grandfather ran the Republican Party during the 1920s for northern Ohio that is a fact.  And he was a Jewish American.  And he and millions of Americans like him.  Of all nationalities in all walks of life gave their lives and guide in defense of that Constitution.  So, where does the Republican Party.  Now get off saying they hate Jews?  Where does the Republican Party and the tea party get off now saying that they will in fact protect the white Christians in the wealthy.  When in reality millions of nonwhite Christians and non-wealthy Americans gave their lives in battle and in daily service to that Constitution?  What is that say about us as a nation?  Have we forgotten that the key word in the name of our country is, United?

It has to and ladies and gentlemen.  Not because I'm saying.  So because I'm nothing to this world.  And I know that.  There are 7 billion lives in this world.  7 billion stories 7 billion voices and among all that noise I'm nothing more than a piece of dust on a very large and dirty beach.  But so what God can hear what I'm saying.  God can see the position I'm taking.  And God knows that.  I will give my life any second to protect any police officer or any member of the military or a firefighter or any American citizen.  God knows I will lay my life down to protect that Constitution that I am prepared to die to protect freedom and liberty and justice for all Americans and not just some.  God knows my soul.

At my age.  After losing my darling Aileen.  The statistics are that 75% of the people who are my age who have lost a spouse die within seven years.  I don't have a problem with that.  Because I know when I die will go back to God.  And I will go back into the arms of my darling Aileen.  And I don't have any problem going to God.  I know what I've done in my life I know that I've tried with every ounce of my strengths and every bit of resource I could possibly find to try and be a voice not a large voice.  Or a big voice but just a voice, however small or insignificant trying to speak out in defense of freedom and liberty and justice and human rights and to defend the rights of women and children and men everywhere.  People who are in fact suffering would tragedies are so severe that most people can't even imagine how bad those situations really are.  And yet every 30 seconds in the United States another woman is either being beaten, raped or murdered.  And every 15 min. in the United States another child or adult become so desperate at 11 they can do is take their own life.

Is this the best we can do?  Is this really all the best that we are capable of?  Do we really want a government were are members of Congress are getting pay raises while they cut services to cancer patients and to patients with autism and to our brave men and women in the military and police forces and our firefighters?  Do we really want to see members of Congress, becoming millionaires.  And taking money from us so that they can make more money for themselves.  When in fact they are our employees?

Like I said, this isn't about me.  My life, coming to a close your life gets to this point.  You either become very realistic or you live in a fantasy world where you are not prepared to die.  But I don't believe in fantasy I never have.  I always deal with reality even know it's boring.  It is not as attractive as an action film.  It doesn't matter.  Reality always wins.

It's now just 10 days before Thanksgiving, ladies and gentlemen.  10 days.  And in that space of time, hundreds of women will be murdered in the United States and hundreds of children and adults will become so scared within themselves that they will take their own life.  And what are we as Americans going to do about this national disgrace?  How much longer do we have to stand by and ignore what is going on.  If we can't stop.  All the hatred going on this country.  Our country has no future.

I have never hated the human soul in my life.  And I never will.  It's behavior that I stand up against.  But that's why God created me.  That's why God allowed me to survive.  That operation in 1968 when I died for 5 min.  And when no one was able to bring me back.  God brought me back not to be the voice.  Not by any means.  No way.  God brought me back.  And part of the payment for him saving my life is that I would be a voice on the side of the downtrodden on the side of women and children who are suffering and being murdered and abused on the side of freedom on the side of equal rights on the side of my fellow citizens and my fellow Americans and I've taken that duty with absolute seriousness since the moment I got out of the hospital in 1969.

Of always.  I can think of dying.  I can't think of too many ways better to die than defending the Constitution and protecting the rights and liberties of this nation.  I really don't have a problem doing that.  Not one bit.  And no matter how anyone may seem mere my writing people.  I'm not the only ones reading my writing.  Do you really think God doesn't know what I'm writing in my journal?  Do you really think God who is all seeing doesn't know how dedicated I am to protecting my fellow Americans of my fellow world citizens with my own life?  And I'm not doing this because I want anything.  I never have done it for that reason I've done it.  Because it has made sense inside of my soul.  And that's the only reason I have done it.

I'm hoping that all of us in this country.  Meaning the United States of America, will remember that were going into a very difficult time in the calendar year.  Everyone gets stressed out.  Sure.  But so what if you already knew everything that was going to happen in your lives then there would be no adventure.  There would be no discovery.

Wake up to what's going on.  Do the research.  Learn and grow an exercise your minds.  Don't accept what people tell you.  As if it's completely factual.  Because you really don't know until you yourself.  Do the investigation.  That's what I'm urging you to do look beyond what all of these propaganda masters are trying to put on you and find the fax yourselves.

Thank you very much for listening.