Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Ramping up

Needless to say I was not able to do my meditation this morning.  Because of the problem I was having with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  But that's really okay.  I'm just going through the very last minor adjustments in getting Windows 7 to operate more effectively and efficiently with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  That's all that's really happening.

I did have to go back to using the menus inside Firefox.  But I don't really use the location bar.  Because if I want to go anywhere.  I just go over to the Google search page and do it that way.  Plus I have over 1000 bookmarks and all of the different folders I have collected over the years.  But they are actually organized into about 10 different folders.  But there are over 1000 bookmarks.

So generally if I need to go anywhere.  I just simply open one of my folders.

And using the menus inside, Firefox makes it a lot easier to do the different programming calls that I need to do.

My Health:

As any of you have been reading my Journal will remember.  I have been talking about this UTI I have been dealing with for I guess a few months.  Plus how I have a double hernia.  Well I've discovered I don't have a double hernia.  I have a single hernia.  And it's minor.  What I noticed on my body just below my waist, down below, where my skin was protruding was something else altogether.  And it's amazing how I found this out.

Of course I don't eat hardly any meat.  And so Claude brought over some Thanksgiving turkey.  Now for the last four or five months.  My urinary elimination has been moderate mostly.  Which I thought was simply basically normal due to my age.  And yet the protrusion down below just allow my waist was, so it seemed, becoming somewhat larger.  There was no pain.  A little pain during elimination but nothing to raise my suspicions.

In any event, what happened was that I actually had some of the turkey he brought over.  And within 12 hours my elimination increased almost 50%.  And since then my elimination has been much more back to normal than it ever was.  And what's even more remarkable is that the protrusion down below my waist just below, has almost completely disappeared.

So of course I went online to a couple of the health related sites and did some research.  And what it seems is that the UTI that I have been experiencing is actually as a result of a minor blockage in the urinary tract.  And that blockage was actually cleaned out and cleared by the turkey that I ate.  And, according to what I've been reading it was the tryptophan in the turkey that actually caused the blockage to become cleared.

Now we know that tryptophan actually does have a number of different effects on the body.  One of course is that after you eat turkey at Thanksgiving you get really tired.  There are actually two reasons for that.  This of course I had to deal with when I was taking care of my darling Aileen.

When you eat anything a lot of the blood in your abdomen goes right to your stomach to work with your stomach in the digestive process.  And as it does that you then become somewhat slightly fatigued.  So if you either really large meal then of course more and more blood from your body surrounding your stomach is actually going to the stomach.  Which means the more you eat.  At any one meal the more tired or potentially tired you will be for about 20 or 30 min.

So that's one of the things that happens whenever you eat anything.  But with tryptophan, it actually is a bit more difficult to digest.  And so what it does when you eat it is that it has a kind of retarding effect on the body.  Because more of the blood from your abdomen is going right to the stomach to facilitate in the digesting of the tryptophan.

So that's why when you eat turkey.  Because of the tryptophan you actually become a bit more tired.

But the other thing I learned from going online in doing the research is that it also has a lot of extremely positive health benefits.  It's almost like cranberry juice.  Meaning that it is basically a cleaner for the arteries.  Because that's really what cranberry juice does.  Is it cleans out the various veins and arteries and the areas of your intestines which are mostly concerned with elimination.

So evidently, tryptophan has almost a similar health benefit.  Because within 12 hours after having that turkey the swelling came down just below my waist down below.  And as that happens my elimination went way up from moderate to almost back to normal, where it is basically now.  And because my diet is mostly fluids of one form or another elimination has just been really very solid and normal and as a result, I have virtually no protrusion or no swelling down there, which I've had for about six months thinking I actually had a double hernia when in reality, according to all this research I've done.  I only have a single hernia.  And basically what happened was that something in the urinary tract was creating a minor blockage.

Not enough to basically make me sick that enough to cause a certain amount of bacterial buildup.  But because it's now open and clear a week from tomorrow.  I'm actually going shopping with my neighbor to do my shopping for the month.  And because I'm changing my diet I'm going to be getting a bit more cranberry juice for the month.  Then I normally use to get.  Normally I would get perhaps two of the standard size containers.  But this time I'm actually going to get four of those containers.  So I have one for every week of the month.  Because I'm going to increase my intake of cranberry juice that much.

The way I'm changing my diet is that I'm actually going to basically live off of Park Road rights and votes for oatmeal canons of fruit cocktail, where I will have perhaps one serving of fruit cocktail every night for regularity.  And then perhaps 3 gallons of milk.  And instead of butter I use margarine.  And the only other thing I'm going to buy is some garlic salt and cinnamon.  Because both of those are purifiers.  So other than those things.  The only other things I normally by our a can of coffee and some herbal tea.

The only other things I buy for the month of course are Cat litter for the cats, and of course wet and dry food.  What I've done is force paper products is because I have found out that one sheet from a paper towel is actually the equivalent of perhaps seven or eight sheets of toilet paper.  And because toilet paper is so much more expensive.  I'm now just buying a large package of paper towels and using it for both household and the bathroom.

And don't get me started on the texture.  Claude and I had a very long conversation about that.  I've been camping so much in my life that for me.  It doesn't make a big deal of difference.  Meaning what I use as far as that is concerned.  However, there are others, like my darling Aileen, who definitely had to have the softest toilet tissue around.  Because her rear end was always very sensitive.

So, by decreasing my shopping like I've just explained that of course will give me a little more money to buy some of the personal items I have to buy during the month, while at the same time paying all the bills.  And the way I see it at this point I should have a little bit of money left over after I'm done, which I normally don't have.  Because when I'm done paying the bills and doing the shopping I'm lucky if I have a dollar bill in my account.

So that's the really good news.  And needless to say it is a lot more comfortable than it has been for the last several months.  But I'm not usually one to complain about things like that.  Because I'm already dealing with all this other dumb pain.  So if the pain isn't really major I pretty much just ignore it.  What got my attention was that the perch rouge and wasn't really getting bigger.  But it also wasn't really going down either.  And I was just a bit mystified about that.  And that's what led me to do the initial research where I learned everything I could about hernias.  And when I did that I realized that according to the research a lot of times when you lose weight and you increase your fluid intake their hernia will actually go away.  Because the research says that if you firm up your midriff which you can do with some setups, but at the same time increase your fluids that the weakness in the muscle, which is what a hernia is will actually resolve itself.

So when I read that I realized the hernia was not the big deal.  So I kept looking at the UTI and that's where I then went with my investigation online.  And it said almost the same thing.  It said an increase of fluid intake will generally flush out the condition.  But it also said that of course cranberry juice was a natural way of dealing with a UTI.  And then a friend of mine, this same friend is coming up for my birthday on December 30.  Her name is Jackie.  And Jackie and I were talking and she reminded me that Sage is actually a natural antibiotic.  And so I went online and read about the health benefits of sage and it's remarkable, I mean Sage does so much for the body.  It's incredible.

It can be lethal.  Really that's what it says.  Because if you take too much, it acts like a kind of hallucinogen, but that's only when it's becoming lethal where it could actually kill you.  So the recommended use is to use a little sage in T like in a tea ball.  And I did that and it works great.  No negative health benefits or negative side effects from doing that at all.  But you probably would not want to have more than one cup of sage tea within 24 hours.  Because it is strong, although you don't notice it when you're drinking it.  Because it's very mild, almost having a kind of mint taste.

But it's incredible.  Because when you drink it, you can actually feel its effects in your body.  Because it is a kind of natural antibiotic.  According to the article it goes all the way back to the times of Greece and Aristotle and Plato.

So before anyone meaning any of you does anything with sage tea, please go to web M.D., or any of the other health sites and read up on it first.  I really do mean that.  Because it really can be lethal.  Which I never knew until I read the research.

Here's something that's really funny.  Aileen was really very much an herbalist.  She really was.  She knew almost every single herb in the entire world.  Well, in our backyard.  We have Deathly nightshade growing.  And Aileen was her sense of humor would always tell me that she didn't feel comfortable taking it out of the garden because she always felt that if anyone got a line she would just serve them a cup of the deathly nightshade tea.

At which point I told her she was nuts.  And it actually is still growing in the backyard.  It's actually very pretty.  But no.  You never want to go near that plant.

So all of this is why I'm not really worried about the sanpaku that I evidently have going on in my eyes.  Because if I were really sick, I would have some other kind of symptoms and I don't.  My heart is incredibly strong my pulmonary function is also extremely strong.  I'm losing weight but that's because that's what I'm trying to do.  The only thing that has been happening is that with the cold weather my knuckles, which are somewhat rheumatoid with arthritis.  Occasionally are swelling.  But that's normal.  What the hell.  I'm 62 years old.

And since I turned around the micron filter in my heater meeting.  My furnace, the air in the house is just incredible.  It is so much easier to breathe.

And that's something that a really nice person who commented on my article about micron filters reminded me of.  The furnace is responsible for all a lot more than simply maintaining the airflow in your house.  Because it of course maintains your hot water for your sink in your bathroom.  And it also of course keeps the water heater going.  It does a lot more.  Plus, it really does get rid of a lot of the impurities in the house based on how you have your furnace vented.  My furnace is actually vented out through the side of my house by polyurethane pipe.  And we did that because the furnace that I have which I've shown in my pictures.  It's actually a 90% efficient furnace.  So it is incredibly strong and powerful.

And what the contractors did when they were installing it was that they decided because it was so powerful it would make more sense to vent the furnace out to the side of the house.  Because it was more of a direct path to bleed off the excess gases from the furnace rather than trying to send it up through the chimney.  And that's partially because the house is so old.

So that's something I wanted to talk about because this individual who wrote obviously is a furnace man or a furnace person.  So they obviously understand the many different uses of the furnace in the home.

So in any event, everything is really a lot better than I might make it out to be.  But then it's the holidays.  What do I expect?  The holidays stink.

In any event, I do need to do some training with my speech program, because my voice is changing again.  So let me do that.  And then I will come back.

Thanks very much for listening.