Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Daily Life: Air Quality, Schedule, Personal


Air quality:

Now this is rather incredible.  I mean, it is 222 in the morning.  Meaning 2:22 AM.  And the particle pollution in Cleveland is still rated at 78.  So when I saw that I was curious.  Per some reason city is just holding a rather significant amount of heat.  I mean, it's almost 80° outside.  So I look at the weather and then I see that there is a rather large line of thunderstorm activity moving slightly south east but more eastward then southward.  So that would explain the higher humidity being around 75%.  So that I look at the hourly and the projections are that the temperature will not drop until close to 70° until 4 PM, later today.  So that sort of make sense.  Because that almost indicates that the air currents associated with that rain are probably not going to come across the lake until sometime around 12 noon or 1 PM.  Which then means that the particle pollution level probably won't begin to drop until the wind starts to come across Lake Erie as those storms slowly make their way southeastward across the lake.

So now I'm going to be very interested to see how the particle pollution levels fluctuate tomorrow, especially sometime around 10 or 11 AM.  Because the weather is saying on the hourly that by around 10 AM.  There should be rain in Cleveland.  So that means I'm going to reassess what I just set up of and restate it because it means that the wind from that storm will probably begin to come across the lake some time around 7:30 AM to 8 AM.  So then the temperature will begin to drop at around 12 noon or 1 PM.

So that's the first thing I'm noticing.  The other thing is something that's been going on for about 20 years.  Meaning, long before my darling Aileen died.  Usually at around 12 midnight here in the neighborhood where I live and for all I know it goes on all over the city in possibly all over the country.  But let's just start with the neighborhood.  In conversations I have had with my neighbors over the last 20 years.  At around 12 midnight almost everyone I have talked to says that they have some kind of breathing issue just that about that time.  One of my neighbors who used to be in the Air Force thinks that part of it are the jet trails that are falling earthward, which I don't really know that I can argue with.  Another person says that the heat inversion or the heat dome over the city is generally permanent and actually changes slightly during the evening hours, year round.

Now if it's true.  Meaning if the particle pollution on ongoing basis remains somewhere in the range where it is right now at approximately 78 may be going as low as 50 well, let's say as low as 60.  If it stays within that range.  Meaning stays within the range of consistent moderate health concern.  That might substantiate what I've heard over the last 20 years and experienced at around midnight year round.  Because that is something that almost everyone in this area.  Notices.  That around midnight the experience to some degree or another, a breathing issue.  However, slightly or greatly.

So that is the first thing that catches my attention because now looking at the weather.  So it's 70% humidity 67° dew .78° temperature with the temperature today being a high of 77 with 50% chance of rain.  And as I look at the hourly the temperature stays and doesn't go down to 74 until 5 AM.  Then the projection is 73 at 7 AM.  Then it comes back up to 75 at 8 AM and at 9 AM the rain starts to come in, or has a $.60 chance of precipitation than the rain becomes more evident or has a higher percentage at 10 AM and 11 AM of 75% chance of rain.  Which means it's pretty much likely and at that point, the temperature is still at 74° and it isn't until 1 PM that the temperature drops off at 73° and then it doesn't even begin to really cool off until 5 PM when it goes down to 72 and then by 8 PM tomorrow night.  The temperature is 69°.  Finally, at midnight the temperature dropping to 64°.  And then by 4 AM on Thursday morning, it's down to 62°.

So, somehow or other of this heat.  That is sitting right over the area of Cleveland, which might be called the Cleveland Akron, Lorain area of my own is just sitting there like some kind of stagnant air.  And that also makes sense.  So I'm going to be very interested to see how the particle pollution levels fluctuate as the cooler temperatures begin to move into the area early Thursday morning.  That should definitely give me and I hear about what might be considered more of a normal level for the city, or at least be area of the city where I live.

In any event, using this state of the air application from the American lung Association.  I think I'm finally going to get a better idea of why in the area where I live at around midnight every night so many people in the neighborhood or the area where I live experience almost the same thing that I do a certain degree of breathing issue or breathing problem.  Of of course varying types and degrees.  So that is the first thing.

And then of course, depending on how low the particle pollution level actually drops will depend whether or not.  I'm going to go outside without wearing a mask.  If it's true.  As I'm almost suspect thing that the particle pollution level is probably or possibly almost always in the moderate unhealthy range then this would explain a lot and it will also mean that from now on, regardless of what the weather if that kind of condition is going on in Cleveland, year round.  Then I will never be outside without a mask and I will definitely not be smoking any cigarettes outside because that's just not healthy air to breathe.  And if that's true.  If Cleveland really has a level of particle pollution almost continually throughout the year, that falls close to our actually is within the range of moderate unhealthy or being unhealthy in the moderate range or moderate level that again would also explain just a lot of things.

Because I never had a problem with pollution anywhere.  I lived in this country until I came back to Cleveland in 1984.  Ever.  And within one month after I read turned to Cleveland in 1984, I had a severe sinus reaction while I was still living with my parents at the time, where when I got out of that one morning the sinus reaction was so bad that I actually passed out and fell right on the floor.  And then as I've written in the past.  I actually went through almost a week and a half of testing.  And the final conclusion was that I was dealing with a rather acute type of sinusitis.  That was the doctors assessment.  But now I'm beginning to see it may be a lot more.  Because in Denver, there was always a huge amount of wind coming off of the mountains so that very rarely did the pollution ever just hang over the city.  The same was true when I lived in Houston and of course absolutely the same was true when I lived in Boston.

It was only when I came back to Cleveland in 1984 that I ever experienced that kind of issue.  And ever since I've definitely been dealing with various types of acute sinusitis reaction's and issues ever since I moved back to Cleveland in 1984.

Which is of course okay.  I mean, it is what it is.  But if it's true that the level of pollution in Cleveland is at the level on the average of being in the moderately unhealthy level of pollution or air quality that literally would ask Lane the last 30 years of my life.  Because for the last 30 years since 1984, I have had this really severe sinusitis reaction to living in Cleveland, as compared to living anywhere else in this country.  And I don't want anyone to think negatively about Cleveland.  Because I don't think it has anything to do with the city.  Other than perhaps its proximity to Lake Erie.  But it certainly does explain one hell of a lot.  So the next 48 hours will literally tell me a whole lot about all of this.


So I spoke to my daughter, Leah.  And trust me.  She is really incredibly smart.  I mean that.  And I'm not just saying that ago.  She's my daughter.  She is a very smart lady.  She is a very smart person.  So I had not look at the email that she sent me because of this technical question.  She wanted to ask me.  And I now have just looked at what she sent to me.  I was surprised.  It's not really a difficult thing at all.

Most of you who read my Journal have a lot of computer savvy.  You know that.  And so do I.  So, to cut to the chase.  What Leah is asking me is that she has this page to live Google +.  And she's trying to link her website to the Google + page that she has.  As I said most of you who are reading my Journal are incredibly computer savvy see you already know where I'm going.  Because before I even look at her email I told Leah, that if there was a problem that she could always use one of these extremely inexpensive web services where she could make her own webpage and then simply link the page to your Google page.  Basically a no-brainer, to us.  Because those of you who are reading my Journal are probably like me, you have designed your own websites and written your own HTML code so year fairly comfortable writing HTML code.  Just like I am.  I've been writing HTML code for the last 30 years.

So again, it's a no-brainer.  To us.

So when I opened her email that's exactly what it is.  Google has simply given her the location of her Google + profile page.  And given her the discrete or the private HTML URL web address of her Google + profile page.  And they have simply supply the HTML code for that to be inserted in the code of her website.  Again, to us, this is a no-brainer.  But that's to us.  So now that I understand that.  And I'm sure you guys or you all our understanding exactly where I'm going.

I'm thinking that Leah has constructed her website through Google, but done so with an online formatting tool, whereby she's not really looking at the HTML code as much is she simply looking at the graphics or the graphical representation of the page without her ever seeing the code.  Which is, as we all know the way a lot of people end up building their websites.  It's not the way that we who understand HTML code build our websites, but it's the way that a lot of people do.  And of course when they do it that way, and they see the URL link for a secure link written in the HTML code they have no idea what they are looking at.  Because they don't normally look at HTML code.

So under those circumstances.  Not just because she's my daughter.  I'm thinking that the only way to really give her the best help possible is to teach her in the easiest way possible, about what she is actually looking at when she sees what Google sent her, which is of course the HTML code of the URL location of her profile page on Google.  And the easiest way to do that is to take one of the webpages I have designed over the last 30 years.  And then what I'm going to do is so that I can actually put explanations into the actual code explaining what the different code is and what it means so that she will learn what the different elements of HTML code are so that she will then understand the HTML code that Google sent her to put into her website.

That's the first thing.

But if she's using a graphical representation to build your website, whereby she doesn't even see the HTML code that she might not have the mechanism to be able to look at the code.  But I don't think that's the case.  Because in all the cases I've ever seen.  Where someone else.  Their website using the graphic interface rather than actually look at the code.  They always have the option to look at the code.  But because Leah told me that what they sent her just did not make any sense.  Those were her words.  It did not make any sense.  So that obviously means that she doesn't really know how to read HTML code.  At which point, sending her a text file teaching her HTML code might not be the best idea.  But I can't say that completely.

She supposed to call me tomorrow.  This is where I have to do a little fact-finding.  I have to find out if she actually knows what age female code is.  And then I have to find out if she knows how to read HTML code.  Then I have to find out how she built her website whether she used the graphic interface or whether she used the raw code interface.  And depending on where that goes.  I will either half or send me the file for her website.  And I will put the code in myself.  Like any of you might do.  Or if she actually does know how to read HTML code which I don't think is the case then I will instruct her on how to do so by sending her a text file of sample HTML code with explanations as to what the various codes mean.

But I don't think she knows how to read HTML code.  He cause of that one remark she made where she said that what she was looking at just didn't make any sense.  That is, as we all know, or at least those of us who understand HTML code know, is almost universally the very first thing that someone says, when they look at HTML code.  That it doesn't make any sense.  Of course not.  It's not meant to.  It's a form of programming.  But not programming like COBOL or Fortran.  It's not programming like basic.  It's nothing more than programming calls for graphic elements to be represented to the screen based on the programming language of the HTML code within the file.

So, of course, it doesn't make sense.  When people look at the screen.  They generally are simply or almost universally looking at graphic interface of what is the HTML code behind what they are looking at.  And to those of us who absolutely do understand HTML code we know from experience.  It's really not that hard to read a page that's loaded with HTML code.  Because you just look in the code for the actual text.  And you just get used to doing that.  And some people say we are not normal.  Because we are able to do that.  But that's just how it is.

She was a little concerned about this last night.  She's 35 her and her husband are doing a rehab on this house that they want to move into and it.  That plus her working and raising their son.  She has a lot on her plate like most young married couples.  In my last words to her were, not to worry.  We can fix this.  That's what I told her.  I told her not to worry because this is something that is really very fixable.  Because there's not much about HTML code that I don't know.  Having done it for 30 years.  I actually thought it was good to be something complicated.  But this is very easy.  This is really not difficult at all.  I actually can do this in about five minutes.  Even less time than that.  But now that I know exactly what it is.  When she calls tomorrow that will be an easy call.

She's trying to do this for professional reasons.  Because she does do a certain amount of singing professionally.  So it makes perfect sense that she's attempting to expand her Google profile to encompass some of her talents.  Absolutely.  Makes perfect sense.

What's remarkable is something else.  She said.  Because I said door that surely she must know someone down there who knows computers.  And she simply said that of all the people she knows who knows computers.  She just knew that I knew them better than just about anyone else.  At which point I laughed.

I mean, I know computers as well as I do.  Because I started working on them when I was 16 years old in 1965 when they first came out where the circuit boards were actually using pin and wire to connect these circuits and of course punchcards.  And then over the years I worked that a number of different types of computer installations mostly as an information analyst.  And consequently, I then spent most of my time.  Whenever I was working with computers, setting up computer systems and network systems.  But being around computers for that long.  It's different than doing programming.  Because I was around the side of computers, or computing where I began to understand how computers think or how they process information.  Programmers are the ones who understand the language that computers speak.  System people like myself are individuals primarily who understand how computers process the language or process that information.

So, it's not a big deal.  That's good.  Like I said, this is a no-brainer.  An easy fix.  So before I do anything I will wait for her to call.  But I will probably write her an email in the morning so she doesn't worry explaining lightly.  What she needs to do with that one line of code.  That should be interesting.  I mean, at one point in the conversation.  I tried to explain to her about meta-tag's.  And I don't know if she actually knew what I was talking about.  So if when I write to her or when we talk if she really does know what she's looking at the easiest way to fix this might need for me to do it myself.  Because if she doesn't know how to read HTML code.  There are probably a number of reasons for that, including the fact that she's trying to raise a little boy and be a wife and work two different jobs, while it.  The same time helping her husband to rehab this house.  They want to move into.  That's a lot.

So I will very gently write her back and basically explain what she's looking at.  And then I will wait for her to call.  Like I said, this should be very interesting.  Those of you who are reading this who are like me and understand HTML code know exactly what I'm saying and exactly how I'm feeling.  Because people will look at you while you understand HTML code and you're talking in HTML code and they will look at you like they don't know what the hell you are saying.  I've been there.  We all have been there.  They look at us like we're talking in a different language.  Which I suppose it is.  But it's not really that different.

This is an interesting twist in my life.  For years, Leah and I have always been the kind of father and daughter, where Leah would always know if she ever got into a confusing situation where she was slightly unsure and she didn't know who else to talk to.  She could always call me.  Which is been true all of her life.  Other people.  She might talk to might get excited or nervous.  I never do.  When she calls me.  I am always rather grounded slow, even toned.  And I never really ever get upset.  Her mother and I had this conversation many years ago.  She asked me why I never yelled at, Leah.  I said I never had to.  Which is true.  I have never yelled at her daughter.  Because I've never had to.  From the very first time I met her, we just had this kind of understanding.

One time when she was 10 years old, she told me some of the kids at school were making fun of her because I never yelled at her.  And so I told her a story.  I asked her if she remembered how people's faces looked when they were yelling at each other.  She said she thought it.  I asked her if the faces were all twisted and wrinkled.  And she said yes.  And I said well that's generally because when people yell they are afraid.  And she then asked me or said, they are afraid?  And I said yes.  Leah, they are generally afraid of not getting what they want or they are afraid because they feel that they don't have control of what is going on, or they are afraid of the other person in one way or another.  She thought that was really interesting.  So then I asked her.  I said, Leah, are you afraid of me?  And she said absolutely not, dad.  And I said will that's good.  Because I'm not afraid of you.  And I said, I guess that means we have no problems.  And we were actually sitting on a rapid transit in Cleveland going to the zoo.  And she leapt off of her seat and threw her arms around me and said into my ear.  You know, dad.  The matter what, you're the best.

And that's something that has never changed in always years.  No matter when she calls me or what it is for some reason I'm just always very grounded.  And it's always fixable.  And she knows that.  So like last night before the Journal entry I had written where I told.  Or I said she had called me.  She did actually called me twice.  Which made me laugh.  So I then called her back.

I know there were times in my life when I would talk with my father.  Where I was effervescent meeting lots of energy going off in all different direction's.  I know there were times like that.  But as much is my father and I had a certain distance between each other.  Because of his racism.  We were also incredibly alike.  I mean incredibly.  It's true in my household.  Everyone yelled.  And it's also true that pretty much everyone lied.  But there was a big difference between my father and my mother.  My mother was always nervous.  My mother was always excitable my mother always had this really explosive temper.  And my father had a temper, but it was nowhere near as explosive as my mother's.  So growing up my father and I were very much alike in many many ways.  We just were not alike.  With regard to racism.

And I never talked to him openly about that.  Because I just didn't think it was going to do any good.  And I didn't think it was that important.  Because he was a racist for just a whole number of reasons, mostly of which were cultural.  It's an overgeneralization to say that he was racist because he was a Jew.  But in reality, there is a certain degree of racism.  The Jews have for other types of races that has always been my experience, which is one of the reasons I separated from a lot of the Jews or my fellow Jews.  Because of that kind of generalized racism.  So when I saw that kind of racism in my father.  It was just a lot easier to separate myself from it than to try and talk to him about it.  Because that was not going to work.

So I got a lot from my father.  As I said, we were very much alike.  Both very grounded.  Very measured very logical.  So as Leah was growing up, her mother has always been very grounded very logical very methodical.  And yet when Leah gets a little nervous, or confused.  She always picks up that phone.

Aileen used to tell me that my voice had this really interesting quality that all she had to do was hear my voice and she knew everything would be okay.  Over the years I have had a number of offers believe it or not to be on the radio.  Because of my voice.  The dumb thing is that the voice I have is what I got when I was 19 when they opened my throat to remove the little bit of cancer that was in my throat.  And they didn't even really go into my throat.  Nobody knows why my voice reacted that way.  But the voice I have today is almost like identical to what I had when I was 19.  Believe it or not.  And having this kind of food.  The voice that I have now, when I was 19.  Trust me that was a rather interesting experience.

So, Leah reacts the same way as do a lot of people.  For some reason my voice has this settling quality.  But besides that, Leah always knows if it gets a little confusing or she's not sure what to do.  All she has to do is pick up the phone.  There's not much I haven't seen in this world.  And believe me when I say that I realize that is much as I have seen in my life, which is a huge amount.  That as much as I have seen is only a small sliver of what actually is in the world.  I already know that I've known that my whole life.  There is a whole huge universe of stuff I have never seen that happens in this world.  And yet there is just about another whole universe of stuff I have actually seen and learned which a lot of people you come amazed at.  It's no big deal.  I was born.  I grew.  I learned.  And then I did.  That's all.

If I wanted to know something I would first ask lots of questions take lots of notes that I would read everything I could on the subject then ask more questions take more notes and learn everything I could.  And then I would do.  And if I wasn't able to physically do one thing or another.  After I got to the point where I had learned as much as I could of not what it was I needed done under wanted to do that.  I did more investigation and learned more and took more notes on seeing how to get it done.

So it's going to be a very interesting conversation tomorrow.  I sometimes forget about my daughter.  Because I don't hardly see her because she's living in Georgia and I live all the way up here in Cleveland.  But I would suppose she is another person in my life.  Like my darling, Aileen, who loves me for exactly what I am.  And that's sort of nice.  When there is so many people who seem to hate me beyond anything they can even imagine.  It's sort of nice when there are a few people around who actually do appreciate me.  And I know that there are just tons of people who do appreciate me like I fellow advocates and activists and all of you wonderful people, or a lot of you wonderful people who read my Journal.

So it's going to be a very interesting conversation tomorrow.  And it's already 3:30 AM.  This is great.  I have to get up in 30 minutes.  This will be a very interesting day.  And yes as I'm looking at the American lung Association air quality up legation the particle pollution is still at 74.  And there's absolutely no reading of ozone.  Which makes sense.  But the particle pollution is still at 74.  If that's true.  I mean, if it's really true that Cleveland has that kind of air quality.  I am telling you, that would explain just like 30 years of experience.  Because it really wasn't until 1984 when I moved back to Cleveland that I had any kind of sinus problems at all.  Not once.  And if that's true that Cleveland has this kind of moderating moderate health condition pollution going on all the time.  Well, like I said, I will not be outside smoking a cigarette.  Because when I'm outside, I will from now on you wearing a breathing mask that will be the end of that right there.

I remember I told my parents back in 1984 that I thought they were something else going on for why I was having those sinus problems and no one wanted to believe me.  Now here 30 years later.  It seems like I was right all along.  That's great.  That's sort of like sitting on the curb after you've had a huge car crash that your mechanic walks up and shows you the you forgot to connect breaks.  At which point, if you're like me, you usually tell them to please find the highest cliff they can find and to jump off and let you know how long it took for them to hit the ground.

And because Leah and I are in the same time zone I'm definitely going to have to stay somewhat cognizant meeting I'm not going to be able to take a nap right away or if I do I'll have to keep the phone turned on.  Because she's going to call.  Which is okay but now I know what it is so now it's easy.  I could actually do a remote.  Except I think that might be just a bit much.  With all that she's got to do right now.  So I will probably handle it a different way.

I've never taken my brains for granted.  I don't want anyone to ever think that because I never have.  I've always been very realistic about my brains.  My brains got me money.  Meaning my brains got me contracts.  And it was my heart and my soul.  That got me friends.  So I don't ever really take my brains for granted, but I understand very clearly my brains got me contracts in my ability to make money.  It was my heart and my soul that have made me friends over the years.  So my daughter will call tomorrow and shall be all excited in should be a little nervous.  But that's okay.  She's 35 she's got all the stuff she's trying to do it one time.  So of course life is moving quickly.  Which is perfect.  It's as it should be.

And what's really interesting is that within three minutes after her second call I received this other call from somewhere here in the Cleveland area.  Now I don't know if Leah knows that my phone shuts off at 7 PM.  And I did not call this other number back.  But I found out where it is in Cleveland.  I can't say that it would.  The impossible or unlikely for Leah to have called her mother because she wasn't sure if I was awake or not or my phone was working or not.  You guys she might have done that.  And I can't say that her mother might not have tried to call me as absolutely unlikely as that could ever be.  I mean we haven't spoken in 30 years.  But you never know.  You just never know.

I mean, I can't think of any reason why her mother would ever want to call me.  There is a certain fondness between us.  But it's really buried.  I mean it's really buried like a very deeply buried telephone cable.  You know that there is fondness there you just don't really see it.

If Leah's mother ever called here at the house.  It would be the only second time in the last 20 years when she would have done that.  The only other time she ever called here at the house was when my mother died in 1996.  That was a very interesting night.  Needless to say, here is my darling, Aileen picking up the phone and on the other end of the phone is Leah's mother.  Well, let your minds take it from there.

Now as far as the schedule today, saying God.  I don't have 500 pieces of email to go through that was just insane yesterday.  Political types get it absolutely hysterical when it gets around or near to election time.  I mean they just get hysterical.  They move at a speed that resembles the speed on the autobahn.  Believe me.  So I am really grateful that I am just not like overwhelmed with 400 to 500 pieces of email I have the go through God have mercy.  I mean, I do enjoy looking at Pinterest.  I just don't get very much chance to do so.  I mean, every time I turn around.  There are just so many petitions.  And everybody wants something.  It's amazing.  Because I generally don't want anything.  Regardless of where I'm living, or what's going on, wherever I am.  I generally have everything I need or in many cases even want.  So I never really get very frantic.

I mean, I did become more agitated and nervous and a bit more frantic well, Aileen was alive because I was always in the protective mode.  But that was necessary.  Because, Aileen was that damaged.  She needed to be protected.  She needed to be defended.  Which is okay.

She is and always will be my other heartbeat.  So seeing as how this morning is definitely going to be interesting and the weather is basically pure crap.  That's great.  These are the kind of mornings that you really enjoy.  The house is hardly cooled off from yesterday.  It's going on 4 AM.  And it still 80° in the house.  But that's just because the air conditioner is in the kitchen.  And that will not last.  Because the air will finally cool down in here.

But as of now, my sugar levels are getting a little screwed up.  So I am going to probably have a sandwich and one or 2 cups of milk.  And I will turn my phone on it least what I mean is turn the sound on.  So that when Leah calls I will know exactly what to say and perhaps well know definitely after I'm done with this Journal article, I will write her a short little explanation of what is really going on with that line that she does not understand and that we will talk about it when she calls.  Then she will feel a little more relaxed.

So with the particle pollution being basically crap.  Like I said I'm going to have something to eat.  And then I will put on a funny movie and I will lean back and do some meditation and relax and get some sleep while the house finally cools off.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Air Quality


This has got to show you something.  It's 10:49 PM in the particle pollution in Cleveland is listed at 84.  Meaning that it's at the top half or the top and of moderately dangerous to anyone with heart disease, lung disease, diabetes older people are small children to be outside breathing the air.  That's rather amazing.

It shows me one thing for certain that regardless of what I may think that the air here in Cleveland is probably just not really as clean as I used to ever think it was.  So I am probably going to end up wearing that breathing mask whenever I leave the house.  From now on.  Unless by some rather peculiar twist of fate or science over the next few days.  The particle pollution goes way way down.  But I don't know that it will.  Because I did not have this way of measuring the particle pollution until just actually yesterday or the night before.  So it will be interesting to see exactly what kind of air quality the city of Cleveland has on an ongoing basis.  But as long as it's in this kind of moderate hazardous conditional level area the way it is right now I'm definitely not going outside without wearing a breathing mask.


I called my daughter back and told her that the first thing in the morning when the house cools down.  I will definitely work on that technical issue for her.  And that will get done.  It's just that it's still too hot in the house now to do anything.  So I'm probably going to have either a cup of soup or a sandwich probably a cup of soup.  And then I will try to go back to sleep.  Because the temperature is still 78° and if I bring up the weather program is 78° with the humidity of 71% and a dewpoint of 67 race and are talking about tomorrow again.  Having a high temperature of 79.  So the temperature will the greatly reduced that the humidity will be higher so it will be interesting to see how the particle pollution levels fluctuate.

In any event, I'm now going to have something the, and watch a funny movie and then perhaps meditate myself back to sleep.  84.  At 10 PM or actually 11 PM particle pollution of 84.  I wonder how many people have their window open, thinking it's going to be healthy and are not realizing the level of pollution they are breathing in.

And as I said in my daughter, Leah knows this.  I don't really have any major breathing problems.  Other than my lower portion of my left lung being 25% collapsed.  And that's not a really major breathing problem.  Because I have really strong lungs.  But I have always been extremely sensitive to air pollution.  For whatever reason.  In my sinuses.  And so forth.  So I can imagine people who are having really severe legitimate breathing problems.  What would happen if they think that it's cool enough to open their window.  And then they do with this kind of pollution in the air.  That's just is sort of a very disconcerting thought.

Anyhow, I will undoubtedly write later.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Looking for an Old Friend in Death


I've made a lot of enemies in my life.  Meaning, I've met a lot of people mad who probably think I'm one thing or another may because I just don't give a damn about trying to take a closer look.  And that's okay.  When I was growing up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, people used to think a lot of different things about the Maschke household of course, most of what they thought was never true.  Because people only saw what they wanted to.  In my household.  Everyone yelled.  In the Maschke household.  Everyone yelled.  And nobody ever told the truth.  Everybody lied.  That's the way you got through.  We would yell at each other.  And that's okay.  Because I got out of there when I was 16 and then learned different ways to live in the world.  From people who did not yell and who did not lie.  And I ended up liking those people so much that I wanted to be more like them that I did the people in my own household or my own family.

So as I'm just passing the midpoint of my 63rd year.  Not one single soul from Cleveland Heights, or when I went to Fairfax school in Cleveland Heights, Ohio or University school or Roxboro junior high has ever contacted me.  Not even once.  And that's okay.  They have their lives and I have had mine.  Just like no one ever contacted me from Fort Lewis college in Durango, Colorado and nobody has ever contacted me from when I live in Colorado and no one is ever contacted me from when I lived in Arizona, or from when I went to southern Arizona school.  Just like no one is ever contacted me from Boston or from Houston, or any of the other places I've lived.  So that the few friends I do have that I have met along the way don't live here in Cleveland, and probably never would.

Because Cleveland isn't like a lot of the other places in the country.  And yet in some ways it's exactly like every other place in the country.  But in some ways it's nothing like some of the other places I have lived.  And most of the people here in Cleveland don't even realize that the last 20 years is only one single chapter out of my life.  Because for almost 40 years prior well, let's say 30 years.  So 30 years prior to my living here in this neighborhood.  I actually had a completely different life that had nothing to do with Cleveland.

My daughter knows about that.  But that's normal.  She's my daughter.  So she knows me very well.  As I've said before, we don't talk very often, but then we don't have to.  Because Leah knows that no matter what.  If she needs a little assistance or needs a helping hand or just need to hear the truth.  All she has to do is pick up the phone.  And she does.

So for the last 20 years here in Cleveland.  I shared my life with one of the most amazing, ladies, I ever met in my entire life.  One of the most amazing people I ever had the honor of knowing.  And in some ways not very many.  But in just a few ways.  She was like a lot of people I have known in my life.  But those are just a very few ways.  Because most of Aileen was incredibly unique.

So I don't really expect much anymore.  My rule of how I live my life these days is that I expect nothing.  I ask for nothing.  And I am grateful for everything.  Because in reality I'm just marking time.  That's all I'm doing.  Just marking time.  My darling Aileen knows that.  She always told me that if I'd died first that within a year she would have taken her own life.  And she meant that.  Because you didn't like life much anymore.  Life had been pretty rough on her.  Which is why we sort of fit together fairly well.

So I'm not really bothered that no one has really gotten in touch with me from any of the places I've ever been.  Because I'm not that kind of person.  I never was.  From my earliest memories back at southern Arizona school in 1966, which seems almost like a completely different lifetime.  From now I never was the kind of person that people would easily remember.  They might remember what happened when they knew me and maybe I'm wrong.  Some people tell me that I am the kind of person that people don't forget, but I never really believe that.  People of told me so many things over the years that now I don't believe much of what people say anymore.  I've always been the kind of person that was never impressed with what someone would say as much is I would be impressed with what they would do.

Which is why as a writer.  Which is what I am.  It's not so much what I physically do in this world that people judge me for or on.  It's what I write.  That's how people judge me.  And I know that.  And that's really okay.  Because 10 minutes after I'm no longer in the world.  Most people will probably forget I was ever in the world.  And that's okay too.  Because I never wanted to be the kind of person that someone would remember.

I promised my grandmother that no matter what I would always stand up for her and grandfather.  And I have done that I have never broken that promise.  And so a lot of people have misunderstood me thinking all sorts of things.  When none of those things have ever been true.  Because I also made a promise to the other kids or the other boys in the Ward in 1968.  And I have never broken that promise.  Either.  Just like I made promises to my darling, Aileen and I will break any of those promises.  But there were other promises I did make that I was not able to keep and that's okay.  Because living my life the way I did.  I was always on the move.  Always shifting from one place to another.  If I found the place I was living to be too filled with conflict and argument and fighting I just generally found a different way to go and would go somewhere else.

And after all the years where I am right now is pretty much the same.  If things in Cleveland become to contentious out just transfer all the stuff in this house.  That has to be protected to a couple of different places with a few different people, which won't take very long at all.  And then I will just walk away.  Because to me that always made sense.  I never wanted to stay around where there was lots of violence and fighting and lying in shooting and stealing.  So I didn't.  And once the house is finally paid for in December part of one of the promises to my darling Aileen will have been kept.  And at that point, who knows.  I might just transfer everything in the house to the a few different people that they need to go to.  And then maybe out just walk away.  And disappear.

People think you need a lot of money to live in this world.  And that's not really true.  The only need a lot of money to live in this world.  If you want a lot from this world.  But if you don't really want much from the world.  Then you don't really need a lot of money from the world or to have in your life.  The more things you acquire.  The more money you need.  The less things you have the less money you need.  It's not rocket science.  It's actually quite simple.  It just like my father taught me one I first became partners with him at pioneer linen supply company.  He told me once that the more you worried about money, the less you would have.  He said, the more you concentrated on just living your life and doing a good job, the more you would find that the money would simply take care of itself.  And by and large he was right.

It most of my neighbors have a really hard time getting through the month.  But most of them want lots and lots of things.  So of course the money they have of the money they get for the money they earn generally is just not enough.  I've never had a problem with that.  I mean, I've never had a problem not having enough money.  There were times when I actually sold almost everything I had just to be able to life, food.  And I don't mean a lot of food I made enough food to be able to just get through the week.  Because at one point I did have lots and lots of stuff when I was traveling around and then over a period of years.  I didn't have hardly any of that anymore.  Some of it had been stolen some of that was sold some of the was lost.  And so in my life.  I've actually started over from scratch.  I think probably five or six times.

And that sort of gives me an edge.  Because most people haven't had to do that.  Most people don't know how to do that.  But I do.  Because I did that over and over again in my life.  Starting with absolutely nothing.  And then working my way up from there.  Which is why it was easy for Aileen and I to agree on one of the many things that were so common between us.  We always agreed never to sweat the small stuff.  Because everything was small stuff.  Don't sweat the small stuff.  Because everything is small stuff.  Which is true.  The only things you can avoid in this life are death and taxes.  That's it.  My dad used to say.  Aileen always used to say something different.  She used a quote sitting bull.  She would always say, it's a good day to die.

So I don't sweat the small stuff.  And I don't ever get lonely for people I've known in the past.  Because I never look for any Association for any counter to the anything more than exactly what it is.  Just an encounter.  Because that's what my life has been one encounter to another.  Never really letting anyone to close.  Partially because I've always understood from seeing so many people in so many different ways of life here in this country and meeting people from all around the world that everyone has baggage everyone has skeletons in their closet everyone has pains, and things that are difficult.  So in my mind it always made sense for me to make light of anything in my life.  So that I wouldn't burden anyone else with what was going on in my life.  Because I knew full well that what they had going on in there's was just as difficult, if not more so than what I had going on in mine.

So, the people who knew me on the side of Cleveland, some who still live there probably don't give a damn about me at all.  And that's fine.  Because in whatever time I have left here in this world.  I'm not going to feel that way about them.  I will be as strident and is stiff and as rigid against injustice and unfairness and prejudice and bigotry in all the ugly other things that we humans do and I will do so as a writer.  But in personal life.  I'm not really the same as I am on paper I never have been.  In person.  I'm really pretty easy-going.  Because I never expect anything.  I never ask for anything.  And I'm always grateful for everything.  So when people read what I write.  Which is exactly what they should do.  When they read what I write.  They naturally judge me on the basis of what I write because I am a writer.  Just like the people in my neighborhood, most of whom don't know anything about me being a writer or what I write, don't judge me of course on what I write.  They judge me on what I do.

And all they see is someone who just basically slowly walks through life whistling.  Always ready to be a friend not really caring very much about what happens in the world, not really caring very much what happens to me.  That's what they see.  Because in reality that's what I am.  Nothing that happens in the world is ever going to take away any of the physical pain I live with.  Nothing that happens in the world is ever going to take away any of the trauma that has followed me all the way since 1968.  Nothing that happens in the world will ever take away any of the nightmares I have every single night of eating beaten when I was at Fairfax school in Cleveland Heights, or being beaten up and up used at University school or being beaten up and them used at southern Arizona school.  Just like nothing that happens in the world will ever take away some of the really amazingly good memories I had from Fort Lewis college in Durango, Colorado.  Nothing that happens in the world will ever change.  Most of what goes on in my life.  Because when I lean back to go to sleep.  It's not like when other people go to sleep.  One other people close their eyes normally they have on their mind what they are going to do the next day or later on.  And while I sometimes do that.  The reality is that most of the time.  Like 90% of the time when I go to sleep.  I don't make any plans at all.  Because there hasn't been one single time when I have ever closed my eyes, either for meditation or sleep that I had the confidence within myself that I would actually open my eyes again.  Because I never know.  I never have known.

It's true.  I have a slight arrhythmia in my heart.  The doctors have always been worried about that.  And they've always misunderstood why it was there.  They've had all these different theories.  And yet they never realized that one of the reasons the arrhythmia is in my heart is because both of my nervous systems were completely severed during the operation in 1968, which has a tendency to screw up the rhythm of the heart, slightly.  So I am never sure as to whether I will open my eyes when I closed either for meditation or sleep.  So I don't take anything for granted.  I take nothing for granted.  I live my life being prepared to be attacked at any given moment to be killed at any given moment to have my house turned down to be shot dead in the street.  Because, believe it or not.  In my travels death and I have danced with each other more times than most people will ever realize.

So I'm very happy with my life.  I've met some of the most amazing people in this world.  Not to mention in this country.  As my Journal page here shows I actually met and photographed Ronald Reagan the year before he became president.  The pictures are right here on the Journal page.  And I sat with Ronald Reagan for 90 minutes.  We had an amazing conversation.  And he was only one of so many different amazing people I have met in my life.  Some I remember meaning some I remember all the details of an some I only remember some of the details of.  And some my don't even remember at all except I remember the situation.  I just don't remember them.

Which is okay.  I mean, besides having been injured in my head when I was attacked with the ax.  I also had a nervous right down where I lost as a result of hysterical amnesia.  Approximately 80% of my memory from 1968 through and including 1973.  That's about the right percentage.  That's about how much I actually lost.  I only have about 20% of my memory from those years.  Which is okay.  And it is okay because I'm 63 years old.  I'm going into the last section of my life however long it may be so it's perfectly okay that I've lost lots of memory.  Because I really don't need those memories anymore.  Just like it doesn't matter to me that nobody has contacted me from the schools I went to her the places I've lived.  Because where I'm going doesn't matter.  When I finally hit the ground for the final time.  All I need to do is to be able to look up into whoever it is that is looking down at me and just ask those two questions.  Did I do a good job?  Meaning that I do a good job at being a friend to other people.  And was it worth it?  Was everything I went through in order to try and be a friend to other people, was it worth the effort?  Did any good really come from it?

And it won't even really matter whether they answer me or not.  It's the connection that's more important being able to look up into someone's face.  And just ask them.  Those two questions.  It's not really important what they say.  I mean, most people in that situation, looking down at someone who was dying who might ask them that question will probably answer, yes.  But even by the time they answer the person who asked the question might already have died.  So it's not hearing the answer.  That is important.  It's just asking the question.  And it doesn't really matter who I end up ask in those Christians of.  Even if it ends up being no one except my darling, Aileen, who comes over from the other side to greet me and walk home with me.

So my life is not what so many people think it's not what people see in my writing.  It's not what people see when they see me walking on the street.  Because I'm not only what people see in my writing and I'm not only what people see when they see me walking on the street.  I'm a combination.  I'm a combination of both.  I'm different.  When I write.  Then when I'm walking on the street simply because I process information differently.  When I'm writing.  Then when I am actually out living and walking.  In person, what I'm talking to someone there are certain ways that are exactly the same in how I process information as to when I write.  And there are other very subtle ways that are different.  And so in reality, I'm not very much in person like how I am when I write.  And yet I am.  Because now I'm no longer using my hands to write.  Now I'm actually talking.  Because my hands don't work that well anymore.  And so my writing has become slightly closer to how I am when I'm out walking on the street and vise a versa.

But the two mediums are still different.  As similar as they might be in so many ways they are still to different forms of expression.  And that's a good thing.  Because of they were exactly the same, then it would really be very boring.  No surprises, no discoveries nothing to learn.

So I work on the human rights petitions.  Because I made two different promises to people.  Actually three.  Three different promises.  I promised my grandmother.  I would always stand up for her and grandfather.  I promised the other boys in the Ward in 1968.  I would always defend the rights of all children.  And I promised my darling, Aileen that I would continue to be a voice in the world for women's rights, children's rights animal rights and human rights.  Three promises.  Of all the promises I made in my life.  These are the ones that I will never break.  Some promises are like that.  Some promises run so deep inside of you that no matter what.  Those are the ones you keep.

So I'm not really impressed with all of the political email I get from all these different political candidates from different states asking for my support.  Because in reality, there is no way I can offer them any support.  Because I can't even get anywhere near to any of the basis.  They invite me to or any of the functions and I certainly don't have any money to give it the emails I get from them.  Don't really do very much at all except waste their time and mine.  Because I can't do anything I can get there.  I can't go to any of the functions I don't have any money to give them.  And I don't make phone calls.  Because my voice has touristic like a radio voice.  And because in my household.  Everyone yelled.  So I have a booming voice sometimes intimidating.  So I don't like to make phone calls.  Because in today's world.  Everybody's trying to be rather than each other.  And I just don't have time for any of that.  Because I don't care whether I'm better than anyone, or better than no one.

I was good enough for one person my darling, Aileen where I was never really good enough for my family or their friends.  I was always good enough for my darling, Aileen.  Just like I was always good enough for God.  It's just most people I was never good enough for.  I was good enough when they needed my assistance.  I was good enough when they wanted something from me.  I was good enough when they wanted to use me for one reason or another, but I was never really good enough to be their friend I was never really good enough to attend any of their parties or gatherings I was only good enough for them to get something from.  Which is okay.  I sort of set things up that way.

Because when I was growing up, I saw so many people who were looking at life in terms of how much they could get from life.  They were takers and I didn't want to do that.  So I decided to be a giver instead.  And so that's how my life went.  But givers are never really taken very seriously.  Because most people are takers.  So when someone continually gives and doesn't have any thought of any kind of return people end up being very suspicious of those kinds of people which is okay.  And so a lot of the givers in the world end up living rather solitary lives in one way or another.  And I don't mean the givers who give words, they get lots of news headlines about what they have given or the magnanimous actions they have taken on someone else's behalf.  I don't mean those people.  I mean, the people who are givers who don't get into the headlines who don't get any kind of return, but who give simply because they are givers.  Those people like me.

They generally live rather solitary lives because most of the world is made up of takers.  People who are trying to get as much as they can from life.  But the givers generally don't even think in those terms.  And they generally live like I said, rather solitary lives because they don't feel real comfortable being around a lot of the greedy takers.  Believe it or not, it becomes psychologically and emotionally uncomfortable.  Even sometimes spiritually uncomfortable.

That life is changed in our world.  The environment is changing rather rapidly life is nowhere near as easy or as slow-paced as it was in the 1950s and 60s.  Now our world races with a frenzy that is similar to almost someone who was like out of control.  And the more that people who are trying to stop the violence try to stop the violence.  The more that those who love the violence act out more violently.  And so, almost like Lazarus fighting with himself after all eternity.  The two sides to go back trying to destroy each other.

Which is why sometimes I feel like I'm sitting alongside of this River.  And I look out into the middle of the river and I see this big bunch of people with clubs rushing at each other trying to kill each other.  As I sit here on the side of the river under this tree just watching.  Not really being too concerned with who wins.  Because someone will win.  If it's the ones who were violent than maybe they will come after me.  And then kill me.  Which is okay.  That's the cycle of life.  You come into this world.  You grow you learn.  You do.  And then you die.  And if you get lucky.  Along the way you actually are able to help out a few people here and there.  But that's all there is to life.  You grow you learn.  You do.  And then you die.

And it doesn't matter what you learn in our whether you learned from looks or whether you learned from your family or friends or whether you learned from life.  But that's what happens.  You grow you learn.  Then you do in your life from what you have learned and in you get older.  And then you die.  It doesn't matter whether you are rich and famous, or even the king of some country or the Queen of some country or royalty or whether you are the poorest person in the country.  It doesn't matter.  The equation is the same.  You were born you grow you learn.  You do.  And then you die.

In my life.  I've seen people try to rush through that equation.  So fast as if they were anxious to get to the other end, I've watched people destroy their lives with greed with selfishness with drugs with alcohol with violence with hatred.  With all sorts of things.  I've seen a lot of people die in my life.  And despite what anyone may think you don't watch someone die without being changed inside of yourself in one way or another.  So for all the people who haven't contacted me from any of the schools I went to my the places I have lived that's probably a good thing.  Because they probably really wouldn't wreck nice me psychologically or emotionally or spiritually.  Now from when they last knew me a lot has changed.  I am a great deal different.  But that's life.  You grow you learn.  You do.  And then you die.  So obviously I'm like everyone else I have been growing all these years and learning all the time and getting older and then after a while, my body will finally get tired and then I will die.

My daughter, Leah actually called me yesterday because she needs my assistance on a computer matter.  That's something that people who know me really do understand.  It's just how I got through life.  I understand a lot about computers.  I've been making webpages for 25 years I've been installing computer networks and software systems for over 40 years.  No.  I'm not a programmer.  Although I have done some programming.  That I've been around computers ever since I was 16 years old when they were pin and wire.  Meaning when computers operated on punch cards.  But when they first came out in 1960.  So I better on computers a long time and I've learned lots of stuff.  And I can do lots of stuff though I don't really have much interest in doing so anymore.  I did when my darling, Aileen was alive but not now.  Nothing much interest me anymore.  Because nothing much impresses me anymore.  Aileen impressed me.  She definitely impressed me.  She impressed me so much that I dedicated every aspect of my life to her and to us for the 18 years we were married before she died.

It nothing really much matters to me anymore.  If I wake up like I did here a little while ago.  I'm always surprised that's the first thought I have and then I'm always grateful.  But I never expect to wake up.  Sometimes I don't even want to.  But I don't really go too far in that direction.  Because if you do.  I mean if you really go in that direction with a lot of dedication, you just might not wake up.  You might just get exactly what you want.  So I never really go too far in that.  But it never really matters to me whether I wake up or not.  These days in my life.  One day is almost exactly the same as the next.  No difference.  There is hardly any variation in my life at all anymore.  I can't hardly go anywhere.  It takes me an incredibly long time to walk just even 1 mile.  And I'm at probably one of the lowest levels of poverty in the country.  Which is fine.  At least without being homeless.  And that's okay too.  Because I don't have a problem with that.  I never did.

Just like most people don't understand I don't get addicted to anything.  It's impossible for me to get addict did physically to anything.  Because of the nerve damage I have.  So I smoke handrolled cigarettes of hype tobacco.  Not because I'm addicted.  But because I enjoy the taste.  That's all I just enjoy the taste.  And because when you smoke pipe tobacco will having perhaps a cup of coffee or cup of tea, you can actually affect your body chemistry so that you end up not having to eat as much which means you can get by on less food.  Which means you don't have to spend as much of whatever money you have, to be able to get through.  However, long.  You need to get through.  And when you live on the kind of little money I get the rule is not to use is much as you can because more is not the way you get through.  The rule of how you get through it.  My level is always that, less is more.  That's the only way you survive my level.  Which is why at least once or twice a month I will fast for perhaps 30 hours.  Because sometimes doing a fast can actually be rather cleansing.

So for anyone to think that I'm really upset with my life.  That's not true.  The conflict I have with the conflicts I have going on inside of me have nothing to do with where I'm going, but only have to do with where I have been.  Because I'm definitely not in conflict with regard to where I'm going.  Because I know where I'm going.  I mean, I've seen so many people die in my life and I was actually dead for five minutes in 1968.  So I definitely know where I'm going.  I'm going exactly where they went.  Maybe not in terms of my energy.  Because some of them died rather violent deaths others died as a result of addiction others died as a result of stupidity others died because they were so violent others died because they took risks they should never have taken.

Which is something else I learned in my household.  In my house.  My mother and father gambled on everything.  They made bets on anything they could.  So I grew up never betting on anything.  Except my life.  Because it's the only wager that I ever knew inside myself that I had a chance of winning.  So I hardly ever in my entire life ever bet on anything, except my life.  I hardly ever have ever bought a lottery ticket I hardly ever made any wager on any sports event ever.  I don't believe in doing that, at least for myself.  You the only thing I ever bet on is my life.  Because it's the only wager that I can think of making where I actually have any chance of winning.

So in my life.  I never make any plans whatsoever until I wake up.  There's no point.  Because I never know if I will wake up or not.  So I don't make any plans.  I might make an appointment to see a doctor some weeks in the future.  But I never know if I will actually be there are not.  Because I never know if I will wake up.  When I go to sleep.  And that's fine.  It's the way it has always been at least since 1969 or rather 1968.

Now I'm sure that there are lots and lots of people who read me who I don't know.  And yet who I actually do know what just can't remember.  I'm sure there are lots of people from Fort Lewis college you read me and some people from southern Arizona school who read me and possibly even some people from Cleveland Heights when I used to go to Fairfax school or Roxborough junior high or perhaps University school who read me.  But with the loss of memory I have.  I just don't remember.  That's really sort of strange.  I have this incredible photographic memory when I read anything.  And yet associating names with faces has always been a problem.  At least ever since I was injured in my head.  Dr. Gottesman thinks that's part of it.  He thinks part of it also may be because of the nervous rate down and the hysterical amnesia.  Because it's absolutely true.  I can read anything.  And then it is their.  Forever.  But associating names with faces.  Sometimes it takes me three or four times before I'm able to do that.

So to all those people who do know me who are reading me I'm sorry if I don't remember you.  I wish I did.  But losing your memory for perhaps a few hours or a few weeks is one thing.  Losing your memory for five years of your life or losing at least 80% of your memory for five years of your life is something quite different.  And that's what happened to me.  Five years of my life were basically erased.  And all I have from those five years is about 20% of my memory.  And what is even more peculiar is that books that I read during those five years.  I remember every single word.  I remember every single thing I read during those five years.  I just don't remember 80% of anything else.

So of I don't remember you.  I'm sorry.  I wish I did.  And if you want.  Please feel free to remind me of who you are.  Don't do it.  Because you think I'm important.  Because I'm not.  God knows I'm not special.  I'm just different.  That's all.  Just different.

It's amazing.  It's 10 PM.  I've had three calls to from my daughter one from someone else.  So my daughters probably wondering if I look at her email where she's asking me this technical question, which I have not done but probably will now do.  And life will go on.  But see my phone turns off.  Meaning the sound turns off at 7 PM.  Because I get up so early in the morning so I don't really get to involved with answering the phone after I go to sleep.  Because sleeping is not as easy for me as it is for some other people.

So now I will listen to my voicemail from my daughter and whoever else called and then I will probably answer her email.  Because I'm sure she's a little anxious to get an answer from me on that.  And hopefully whoever else called hopefully it wasn't anything important.  But then I never really sweat the small stuff.  Because everything is small stuff.

The temperature is still really unbearable.  Here.  It still 84° outside in the house is still rather warm.  So I'm going to go ahead and take a look at some of these things and perhaps have something to eat.  And then I will go back to sleep.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Daily Life: Personal Health, Schedule


Well it's been one heck of a day.  Two days ago on Sunday.  I actually was outside trying to do the lawn in the front and backyard.  And while that was a good idea what was not a good idea.  Is that at the time I did not have any kind of application on my android phone to measure the air quality here in Cleveland.  So I had no idea that for the seven hours.  I was outside that I was breathing in all of this pollution.  And so during the evening and then most of the day yesterday I was actually coughing up phlegm that contained pollution.  Which definitely had me sort of not feeling like I was top drawer.  So finally during the evening.  I was able to eventually get a little bit of balance.  To wear now, my chemistry is somewhat back to normal.

Air Quality


At 4:29 PM, here in Cleveland, Ohio.  The American lung Association application I use on my android phone is reporting a particle pollution index of 73 and a knows own index of 64.  Both of which are in the moderate health concern category.  So in other words, again.  If you are having any kind of medical condition like lung disease, heart disease or diabetes, you probably do not want to go out unless you are wearing a breathing mask or some other kind of breathing apparatus.  The temperature currently is 91°.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be



I don't want anyone to think that I'm unfriendly because I don't want to support either political party.  Because I believe in the democratic process.  I just don't want to be associated with any of the political parties.  I don't like the tremendous emphasis that both political parties are putting on money.  I'm one of the nation's poor.  There are millions and millions of us throughout this country.  I'm tired of the Republican Party and the tea party demonizing us.  I'm tired of the wealthy abusing us.  I'm tired of the privileged accusing us of everything.  And it doesn't much matter to me who gets into office as long as they are willing to uphold and defend the Constitution and to secure the rights and liberties of all Americans equally.  Not support and defend and protect the rights and liberties of their own special interest groups.  Regardless of whether we are talking about the left side or the right side of the aisle.

Air Quality


At 2:55 PM, according to the American lung Association application regarding air quality in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area.  The particle pollution is now at 70 and the ozone level is now at 64.  Both of these levels are in the range known as moderate danger or moderate health concern.  Meaning older adults children or persons with heart or lung disease or diabetes should cut back or reschedule outdoor activities.

The interesting thing is that the temperature right now is 88° with a heat index of 91° a dewpoint of 66° a humidity of 47% and the air pressure is still at 30.08 and falling.

So it basically means that the O zone has become a bit more unhealthy and that is at least for here in Cleveland.  Due to the fact that in the afternoon is when more of the direct sunlight actually is hitting the ground.  But of course earlier today.  It was somewhat cloudy.  So that is probably another reason why the ozone levels were lower earlier today.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Blocking Petition Sites


Either there is something wrong with the email that the activist group, Code Pink, has sent to me.  Which I believe is actually the case.  And if it is not the case, then that would mean that AT&T is actively blocking access to any code pink petition.  I am not making a judgment as to which of these two conditions is the truth for why the site will not load or why when I try to load the site Firefox crashes.  But every time I tried to load this petition from the code pink activist group, my Firefox browser will crash and will not load the petition.  So like I said, either.  That's because there is something wrong with the email containing the link to the petition, which I actually think is the case.  Or it is an example of AT&T attempting to block access to a petition.  Which I do not think is the case.  In any event, I am reporting this matter here.  So that if there is anyone connected with this matter who is reading this Journal.  Perhaps the appropriate action will be taken so that this petition can in fact move forward.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Air Quality


It's now 2:05 PM here in Cleveland, Ohio.  And the particle pollution for the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area.  According to the application I'm using from the American lung Association is now at 74.  Which again puts the air quality in the moderate or moderate lead dangerous range for as it specifies, older adults, children, or persons with heart or lung diseases or diabetes should cut back or reschedule outdoor activities.

The O zone index is at 50.

The current temperature in Cleveland is 88°, with a heat index of 91° and a dewpoint of 66° and a humidity of 47% , the air pressure is at 30.08 inches and falling.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Air Quality


It's now 12:23 PM here in Cleveland, Ohio.  And the particle pollution index for the Cleveland Akron, Lorain area, Ohio is now at 113.  This puts the particle pollution index in the hazardous category for those who have various breathing issues.  The actual definition reads very clearly unhealthy for sensitive groups reduced prolonged activity outdoors if you have lung or heart disease or diabetes or if you are an older adult or under age 18 and others.  People who work outdoors should limit extended heavy exertion.

So what this basically means is that since last night at midnight the particle pollution for the Cleveland Akron, Lorain area of all, I'll was at 75, which placed it in the moderately dangerous category and has now moved at this time to 113, which is in the hazardous category.  Meaning it is definitely dangerous.

As I said, if any of the weather people are telling you that when the temperature is low that it is actually a good idea to open your window and enjoy the cool air and if they are not telling you about the level of particle pollution that is in the air than they are not telling you the entire story.  Because if you open that window, even though it is cool outside and if the particle pollution is in the moderate or above category, you will be breathing in particle pollution while you were sleeping that could actually cause harm to you and your family.  And of course, that's true because that's exactly what the actual categories are defined as not only by the American lung Association.  But the medical community throughout the United States.

The ozone index at this point is 38.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Air Quality


At 11:04 AM, in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain area of Ohio.  The particle pollution index is now at 96, which is only four points below being hazardous for sensitive groups.  But at a level of 96 the level means that the air outside is actually moderately unhealthy for children, older adults people with heart or lung disease or who have diabetes and that it is advisable that anyone who has those medical issues or falls into that category should reschedule any kind of outside activity.  Because the air is unhealthy.

The ozone index at this point is 29.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Air Quality


It's 10:11 AM here in Cleveland, Ohio and at this time.  The particle pollution is rated at 99.  And that of course is just one unit away from being hazardous.  Meaning the health concern is at a level of 99.  Which is the highest level of being a moderate concern before it is listed as being unhealthy for sensitive groups.  But with it being at the high-end of the moderate health concern.  This means that older adults children or persons with heart or lung disease or diabetes should cut that or reschedule outdoor activities.  Meaning that the air is not healthy to breathe.  Meaning that if you do want to go outside you should wear a breathing mask with a regulator.  At the very least.

And these numbers.  Like I said are taking place right now, when it's only just a little after 10 AM in the morning.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be

Air Quality Index


So now the temperature is 7:28 AM here in Cleveland, Ohio and the level of particle pollution is now at 82, which means is less than 20 points away from being hazardous to just about anyone.  And at level 82 the reading is known as being moderate, which is from level 51 to level 100 and it says very clearly older adults children or persons with heart or lung disease or diabetes should cut back or reschedule outdoor activities.

Yellowstone level at this time is rated at 29.  Still and all that is a number two be aware of.  But the more important number of cores of the two is that, at 732 this morning in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area.  Meaning near Lake Erie or the area of Ohio closest to Lake Erie has a particulate pollution level of 82 and that is moderate and as I said, it is only or even less than 20 points away from being hazardous.

If the local news is not reporting this information to you than they are keeping information from you.  They could actually save your life.  Because the guidelines above are set by the departments of health and human services and are set by the medical community.  So if the new services anywhere in Ohio have any problem with my reporting, these numbers.  They need to go and talk to the doctors in Cleveland or to the Department of Health and Human Services because I'm doing nothing more than reporting the numbers from the American lung Association about the dangers of how to dirty the air is and how that can be injurious to your health.

As I said, for my part.  I'm not walking out of this house, under any circumstances when the levels are in the moderate or above range without wearing a breathing mask with a regulator.  And I don't care if that makes me look stupid.  I'd rather look stupid.  Then get sick from that dirty air that the Republican Party and tea party are refusing to do anything about.


I'm going to do a little meditation this morning.  I've already done some petitions.  I'm going to do a little meditation for about 90 minutes and then I will hit the ground running on doing more meditations.  I will of course continue to make these reports regarding particle pollution, as long, as the numbers are as high as they are in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area.  And I'm doing this to bring to everyone who is reading these articles to your attention that these are numbers.  You may not the aware of that you may not hearing on your local news.  But that there are applications you can use on your android phone or your iPhone or your tablet to get these numbers and to be better prepared to protect you and your families and your children.  And if the Republican Party and the tea party does not want to take any kind of action to protect public safety of the American people.  Then we as American people need to take it up on ourselves to protect our families and our children.  If the Republican Party and the tea party are refusing to do so.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Air Quality


As I said last night, or earlier this morning, while the temperature was cool outside the level of pollution outside actually had increased.  And it had done so to the extent where it was only 27 points away from being dangerous or hazardous to anyone with special needs breathing issues.  And this was true.  While the level at 73 means that the level of pollution was high enough where it is considered unhealthy for small children or older people to be breathing that air.

So this morning at 6:03 AM, the level of pollution now is at 75.  And that again is in the range of what is considered moderate.  And the level of health concern is, as I said, considered moderate, which means older adults and children or persons with heart or lung disease or diabetes should cut back or reschedule outdoor activities.  So at the very least it is not healthy.  And what's more important is to realize that it is 6:04 AM.  So at 6:04 AM, before the sun has really even come up the level of pollution in Cleveland is just 25 points away from being hazardous and the health concern is considered moderate.

It's like I said last line.  If the weather people on TV last night here in the Cleveland area were telling people that it's a really good night for sleeping weather that people should open their windows if they included the statement of opening your Windows because it's a cool night than they are basically lying and misrepresenting the truth to the people of Cleveland, Ohio.  Because opening the windows would mean that the pollution which last night was at 73 would then be going in through those windows and that older people and people with heart disease and so forth would end up reaping that pollution, which could pose a severe danger, or at least a relative danger to them.  So I wonder how many of the weather people in northern Ohio were actually including with your statement last night about the temperatures being cool to remind people who have various health issues such as older people and children or people with heart disease and diabetes not to open their windows.  And I don't believe many of the weather people were doing that because I don't leave they care.

And that's something else that as a human rights advocate.  I definitely want to address.  I don't think the weather people should be allowed to make false statements or to lie to the general public.  The weather people throughout the United States have been yelling and screaming about how there is no global warming and how there is no climate change, and now most of the weather people in the United States are looking like complete stupid bastards and ass holes because of course there is climate change going on, and they had always been saying there is no climate change and now it's evident all over the world that there is climate change.  So now they have had to go back and basically say that they knew it all along.  Because if they say that they really were wrong, then they are going to be looked at as if they were just stupid in reality, which is exactly what they are.  Stupid.

As far as I'm concerned, I believe the FCC needs to investigate the weather people throughout the United States for misrepresentation with intent to cause harm.  Because the weather people have been lying to the general public about how there is no global warming and in actuality there is global warming.  Because it's evident now throughout the entire world.  As was even seen an admitted by the American military in an article yesterday on CNN news where the military is explaining that climate change is actually costing the military millions and millions of dollars because of the damage that climate change is doing to military bases.

And so I believe that any of these weather people that are lying to the general public without telling them about the level of illusion need to be taken off the air they need to be kicked out of their job is because of they are not willing to be honest on television been they don't deserve to be on television.  And this is one of the reasons why I refuse to watch any local news.  Because the local news.  People are generally more concerned about ratings than they are with telling the truth.  And the weather people are some of the most to put an asinine people I have ever seen on television.  Because the claim like they know everything, when in reality they know nothing.

And that doesn't mean I hate them as human beings that the creator made.  Not by any means.  It just means that I despise the way in which they are reporting the weather I despise their dishonesty.  I find her dishonesty absolutely unacceptable.  I find their arrogance completely ill placed.  And as far as I'm concerned, they should not even be allowed to be on the TV.  If they are not reporting the weather conditions accurately.  And I mean, including the level of pollution.  Because if they don't then they are actually misrepresenting the state of the weather to the people who are watching their program, and they could actually cause harm to some of those people by not including those numbers regarding air pollution.

Plus, I also dare any stupid bastard who is a weather person anywhere in this country to debate me.  I dare them to choose any venue they want.  Because when I'm done talking.  They won't have a weather program they won't even have a job.  Because they have been lying all along, saying there is no global warming and I dare any of them to go ahead and choose any venue they want to debate me.  Because when I'm done talking and presenting my documentation.  They won't have a job is a weather person, and they probably won't be allowed to report the weather anymore because it'll be clear that they been lying all along.

Of all the times in human history.  When we humans need honesty.  This is one of those times.  And if we don't do that, then we are basically not only lying to ourselves, but we are going to end up causing tremendous pain and suffering to millions of people.

And that's the exact same reason why I am so angry with the members of Congress, regardless of what party they represent.  The people of the United States are getting nothing from the members of Congress in the way of protection for safety or for public health.  The tea party has a very publicly stated position of obstructionism.  The Republican Party has by thrown public statements and public positions, said very clearly that they don't give it damn about the American people.  They don't give a damn about women's rights.  They don't give it damn about the minorities of this country.  They don't give a damn about anyone who is not a white Christian extremist they don't give a damn about anyone who doesn't have lots of money.  They'll give it damn about American citizens as compared to large corporations.  Which is why the Republican Party and the tea party refuse, under any circumstances to raise the minimum wage.

And as I said of all the times in human history.  When we humans, regardless of what country we are living in our regardless of who we are need to have honesty from government and from the media this is that time.  And I don't really care what any of the local news.  In northern Ohio wants to say about the weather.  Because the reality is that the pollution level right now at approximately 6 AM is that the level of pollution is at 75, which poses a moderate health concern to children and older people, people with heart disease and diabetes, whereby people like that are in fact being advised not to go out and breathe the air, at least without either a breathing mask or some type of breathing apparatus.

So of any of the weather people in northern Ohio are not talking about this concern during their weather segment of the program on the news they are lying to the people of Ohio.  They are lying to their viewers, and they are showing themselves to be asinine stupid bastards who were more concerned with their own image.  And getting the ratings they want than they are with public safety.  And I have no respect for people who are more concerned with their own ego.  Then public safety.

Now as I said of the two applications I've been talking about, the application, environs now, and the American lung Association the state of the air.  The state of the air actually gives you the numeric readout on the level of pollution and ozone.  But the environs now program actually gives you a much more comprehensive look at all of the different factors such as UV radiation and gamma radiation, as well as various toxins going into the land and into the water.  So again, my gut feeling is that for your minute by minute checking of the ozone levels or the level of illusion the American lung Association application is actually better for doing that.  He good as it actually gives you the numeric readout on the level of pollution.  But if you are having are concerned about the overall picture or in fact thinking of going to the lake in the area where you are living for swimming the other application, environs now actually gives you the comprehensive it sure regarding that information.

And as I've said.  During times when the level of pollution or ozone levels are in fact elevated I will be doing more frequent reports regarding the level of pollution and ozone.  However, I am now.  Since I have this ability to monitor these levels, will be doing at the very least daily reports of the ozone levels and the level of pollution, for the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area.  Which is the Northeast Ohio area.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Public Health


I wanted to clarify that while the American lung Association's pollution index or air-quality index application for the android phone actually gives the numeric values for particle pollution and ozone.  The other application that I'm using environs now, actually gives you some very interesting other information which is just as important.  The environs now application gives you the ultraviolet index.  But for the entire country.  It also gives you.  Gamma radiation and local water conditions.  And that can be important because there's a lot of poisons that are going into our water, especially around the Great Lakes.  So while it may be fun to go down to the lake here in Cleveland and get into the water.  The reality is that there.  For example, are a certain amount of poison input into the water.  And as a result, the environs now application will show you those toxins that are being released into the water and what their levels are and where those toxins are going in.

So it's really a very useful application as far as that.  Because you might he thinking that the water is safe to go in for a little bit of swimming, but the environs now application will actually show you where there is a release of poisons or toxins into the water and thereby give you information where you can protect you and your family.

So, what I'm basically saying is that both applications are probably very good to have an to use side-by-side.  What I'm doing on my phone is that on nights like tonight, where here in Cleveland.  The particle pollution is extremely high or at least not extremely high but moderately high and increasing I'm generally relying mostly on the American lung Association's State of the air, application, for the monitoring I'm doing.  But if I want to get an overall picture of air-quality and environmental quality.  The environs now application is excellent for that.  I highly recommend both of these in addition to some rants of weather program because we are going to have to meaning all of us to protect our families and ourselves going to have to be a lot more aware of what is in the air what is in the water where we are living in where we are going.

Again, if the politicians are refusing to take the action to clean up the air and cleanup the water in which we are swimming and so forth.  Then we have to take responsibility not to allow our families to be exposed to those kinds of dangers.

So at 1:18 AM, the temperature in Cleveland is 66°, but the pollution index in Cleveland is still at 73, which is less than 30 points away from being a serious condition for anyone with special breathing needs.  But it is in the range of moderate which means younger children and older people, or anyone with any kind of breathing issues needs to probably be careful because there isn't enough pollution in the air where it could actually cause them harm.

The reason I ended up doing these reports here in the middle of the night is because I generally have a certain amount of breathing issues.  Just because of my left lung being partially collapsed as a result of my spinal surgery.

I will probably be going back to sleep here within the next 30 minutes.  But I am going to continue making these reports as I said during times, especially when there is more pollution in the air, but I will be making the reports daily and then more frequently when there is more illusion in the air.  Then at other times.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.

Air Quality Index


It sparrow 13 minutes after midnight or 12:13 AM.  And here in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain, Ohio area where of course I live.  The air pollution has actually increased to an air pollution index level of 64.

Of course, which means that it's unhealthy for anyone who is a child or anyone who is older or who has any form of breathing issues to be sleeping with their window open.  Or even to go outside without some kind of breathing mask or breathing apparatus.  And that's why I'm making this trip.  Ct. app.  This time.  The weather people might tell you that it's a really good night to open your window and sleep.  But the fact is, if you do so you be letting all that pollution come into the house and in to your room and you will be breathing in that pollution.  And that's why again by making this report so that you will realize, unless you are already aware of this.  That just because it may be cool outside does not mean that the air is safe to breathe.  Because it's not.

Again, our legislators are doing virtually nothing to clean up the air that we are breathing.  If they were that the petitions of the courageous activists and advocates that I see every day.  And that I am working with would not either be necessary or be presented.  Which again makes me ask the question as to what are they doing in any way to clean up the air.  We are breathing?

I don't want to hear about promises I don't want excuses.  I want to know what is being done by our legislators to make the air safer for us to breathe.  Because at midnight here in Cleveland.  There is so much pollution outside my home right now in the pollution level is so high that it's not safe for children or older people, or anyone with any form of breathing difficulty to go outside because the air is so dirty.

Maybe what's going to have to Is that members of Congress like the Republican Party and the tea party and other Republicans and tea party members throughout the country.  Maybe they're just good have to get sick themselves or maybe the granite have to see friends of theirs getting sick from the dirty air before they will actually do anything to protect the rest of us because they really are that selfish.  They don't care about anyone except themselves.  That's three clear in the legislation that they have brought in the past and that they are working on right now it's all about their own small very special interest groups.

So maybe what's going to have to happen is that the conditions, environmentally are going to have to get so bad that really wealthy people when they walk out of their home will simply drop dead and fault dead on the pavement and big corporations owners will simply drop dead.  And fault get on the pavement when they get out of their car because the air is so filthy and members of Congress will simply drop dead at fault dead on the pavement when they get out of their car to go into the halls of Congress and maybe when that happens, then maybe then they will take some action and stop making all the excuses they are making.

Because I don't believe they are going to take any action to protect any of us until some of these rather horrible breathe conditions which are affecting all of us start affecting them.  Because these wealthy people have all the air-conditioning they need.  They have filters in their homes so they don't breathe any of the outside air.  They ride and air-conditioned cars so they don't breathe any of the air they work in air could dish and offices so they don't read any of the air.  So they never really have to deal with a really ugly a fax of the terrible air pollution that exists like is existing right now.  But maybe when the air pollution gets so bad, even though it may be invisible.  That when they step out of their car to go into their air-conditioned offices in the space of just those few moments, breathing the air they suddenly will just drop dead on the pavement not able to breathe and then don't die.  And maybe when that happens, they'll suddenly realize as they are dying at all that time of not taking any action was probably a mistake.

And I don't want that to happen.  I don't want any of that to happen.  But at the same time they're not taking any action because if they were brilliant work by all of these millions and millions of amazing advocates and activists all over this world who are working environmentally to protect our environment would not even be happening.  Which it is in the petitions would not exist.  Which they do the work would not a necessary.  Which it is.

So for anyone in the Great Lakes region of the United States who happens to be reading my Journal articles I strongly suggest that if you have the ability to download one of the applications I've talked about in my previous articles for measuring air quality that you do so.  And just because the temperature may be cooler which it is right now.  Because the temperature right now in Cleveland, for example, is 67°.  But the humidity is actually 79% and just because it's cool doesn't mean the air is safe to breathe.  Because as I've just said, the current pollution index in the Cleveland Akron, Lorain area of Ohio is 64.  Which of course means that it is dangerous for children and older people and anyone who has any kind of breathing issues to go outside or breathe the air without either of breathing mask on or some other type of breathing apparatus

And this is one of the reasons why the bottom floor of my home and actually every aspect of the house has been sealed almost airtight.  And it has so that the air conditioner that I have running will actually filter out the air filter out the pollution.

Now I'm checking again.  It is now 12:25 AM.  And the air pollution index in Cleveland or the Cleveland aquamarine area, Ohio has now in creased to 73.  Which means it's now moving upward through the condition which is called moderate to the condition, which is known as unhealthy for sensitive groups.  And the other thing that comes to my mind is.  I wonder why the new services are not reporting this?  Because this is a dangerous condition.  I'm looking right now at the American lung Association's air quality index application for my android phone and every time I refresh the current readings they just have gone up as I said, from 64 to 73.  Meaning the air is getting more dangerous even know the temperature outside is only 67°

So if you think that it truly sort of a cool evening and you can open the window that's probably not a good idea.  Because there's so much pollution in the air that if you do your going to end up getting sick.  I wonder if the weather people are talking about that when they are giving the weather reports I wonder if they are talking about the implications of you opening your window in the evening when the pollution index is increasing during the evening.  I wonder if the weather people are even talking about the dangers of doing that?  Because if they aren't that they are not doing their job.  Because a pollution index of 73, is not healthy for children or older people, or anyone with any kind of breathing issue.  To be breathing the air without some kind of breathe mask or breathing apparatus.

So the weather people are simply telling you on the TV that it's a really cool night and you can open your window because the temperatures will be cooler and they are not telling you about the pollution index than they are not doing their job.  They are actually misleading you.  They are lying to you.  Because it if they are not telling you that the pollution index is going up and telling you to open your window they are actually putting your lives in danger by not advising you that the air is so dangerous that if you open your window.  And it's cool outside but if you have any kind of breathing issue, or you are a young child or an older person that the air is actually so follow pollution and you open that window your could actually get sick and if they don't tell you about that in the weather report they are not doing their jobs.

Because these numbers don't lie.  It's 67° outside right now.  Which is cool enough to open a window.  It had that nice cool air flowing into the house.  But pollution index is 73.  Which means the pollution index is approaching the unhealthy level for sensitive groups numbers.  So of any TV weatherman is telling you it's going to be a nice cool night.  You can open your window, and they don't tell you about the increased pollution in the air that they are not only lying to you.  They are not doing their job.  Because I'm looking at the numbers right now.  And at 12 midnight here in Cleveland.  The air pollution index is 73.  Which is less than 30 numbers away from being at the level of unhealthy for sensitive groups.  That's a very small margin for being absolutely unhealthy for sensitive groups.  And it's a very high number of air pollution or pollution in the air.

So these numbers do raise questions.  They raise lots of questions.  And I'm going to continue reporting, these numbers.  From now on.  I will be doing so more frequently during times when it is more obvious or when I see more increased pollution activity in the air.  Because if the weather people on TV are not going to tell you the truth.  And if our legislators are not going to do anything to fix the dirty air that it's going to be up to all of these millions of wonderful advocates and activists all over the world and people like me to put the word out so did you will be aware of how dangerous the air really is.

We as humans have to start looking at these numbers.  We have to start being aware of these issues because if we are not.  We are just going to get even more sick than some of us already are.

And for reference.  The pollution index right now at 12:33 AM is 73 and the ozone index is 42.  The temperature is 66° with a dewpoint of 60° and a humidity of 80%.

So I have to say that of the two applications that I've been talking about environs now, and the American lung Association's, state of the air.  That the American lung Association's State of the air actually might be the better of the two applications because it is simplified and yet gives you a more numeric reading of the actual air quality where environs now simply gives you the word for the quality like moderate and so forth.  The American lung Association's application actually gives you the numeric quality for the index of air pollution and the index of the ozone level.

What I can say is that the humidity right now is rather high, of course, and for myself.  It's actually affecting my hearing.  Because the air pressure or the humidity rather is so high that the air then becomes heavier or at least it becomes more filled, of course, with moisture.

I will report again when I wake up, probably in a few hours.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be.