Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?
This is the sign that is over the front door of Aileen's and my house, our home, going OUT. Meaning that when someone leaves our house they are going into the ACTUAL Mental Ward.

I've always felt that way. When it is considered how much ugliness and killing and hatred there is in the world today, it actually makes perfect sense that this sign is over the door going out of the house.

Because that's where the real mental ward is.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Daily life/system update: comprehensive

7:16 PM, EDT:


Because I slept a good bit during the day and rested I am still going to work for a few hours.


FeedDemon does not really have very much compatibility with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  But that is not really a problem because using positioning and the mouse grid I can generally get done just about everything I need to do in FeedDemon and it definitely works very well with Windows live writer.


But based on how FeedDemon actually interacts with the system the way I have finally come to figuring out how to best make it work in addition to getting all of the petitions and so forth done is basically the following.

The petitions will be done using the Firefox browser and will all be shared with my Google plus page.  The reason for that is fairly obvious, but to reexplain it is just because sharing the petitions inside Firefox with Google plus is virtually an automatic function and therefore the petitions are shared so that people have knowledge of what some of these rather important petitions are and they can take advantage of those petitions.

The news stories will be done inside Windows live writer.  Because I am converting all of the various petition associations I have over two FeedDemon, whereby I am doing the same with the various news sources I have.  And therefore the news sources will be much easier to do inside Windows live writer sense.  There is an automatic synchronicity compatibility with Windows live writer and FeedDemon

So that is generally about how I have things set up at this time.  Of course, this may change in the future based on how it actually works out.  But at this point.  It seems like it is just going to be about as functional as it can be.


I have a few calendar notations to make and rather than just dive in to the petitions and news stories right now.  I still would like to go through my email and convert more of the different news sources and petition sources I have either over to FeedDemon or to have them automatically relegated so that I have less sorting to do inside Outlook.  This of course will save me time and make everything a little bit more expeditious.

After them done with that.  I will probably do a few petitions.  I do not know about news stories, but will just see what happens.  Because I do have to get up early tomorrow morning.  The van that is coming to take me shopping is going to be here at about 9:15 AM.  So I have to make sure I got everything together.  Plus, while I am out I have to make a couple of business calls.  So there is just a few things I have to take care of prior to actually going out and this is the first time doing this.  So it should be interesting.

I will probably do another air quality report here before I go to sleep.  I probably will be up for about another 90 minutes something like that.

So that is about where things are right now.

I will write later.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be. 

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

Save Africa’s Wildlife from Poachers ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!


Africa is home to the world's most iconic wildlife including elephants, rhinos, gorillas and lions. But illegal poaching might destroy these species forever. Poaching rates have reached record highs and many this animals will disappear within our lifetime
Submitted by Angela K.

Save Africa’s Wildlife from Poachers ! Please SIGN and SHARE !!!
Angela K.
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 18:12:46 GMT

Last chance. Please vote AGAINST the amendment that will allow the killing of stray animals.


10,673 supporters so far, please sign and recruit, thank you.
Submitted by Yusuf Islam

Last chance. Please vote AGAINST the amendment that will allow the killing of stray animals.
Yusuf Islam
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 18:42:49 GMT

Prosecute Woman for Duct Taping Children to The Floor of Daycare! PLEASE SIGN!!


Heart2Heart Montessori Academy outside of Fort Worth has been responsible for the care of children 18 months to five years old. The Montessori Method cultivates education for these children with focused attention of teachers within small classrooms,
Submitted by BarbCat SunshineLady

Prosecute Woman for Duct Taping Children to The Floor of Daycare! PLEASE SIGN!!
BarbCat SunshineLady
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 19:27:47 GMT

5 PM, EDT:

I never did say that women cannot be cruel.  Because there are a lot of women who are extremely cruel that is absolutely true.  So I do not want anyone mistaking my support for women who are being subjected to horrible domestic violence to be confused with this issue where women are in fact truly cruel.  Because this is horrible.

Regardless of whether I have a mental illness or not.  I am a parent.  And my daughter speaks very clearly as to the kind of father.  I was.  She is perfect in every way.  And I would hazard to say that most of the parents in the world.  And I are probably very much alike.  We teach our children how there is a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things.  And we use as a guide common decency.  Of course, obeying the laws.  In some countries, obeying the laws is very difficult because the laws are extremely oppressive, but that is not the case in this situation.

So most of us are fairly decent parents.  We are not extremists and we are not filled with lots of hatred and racism and bigotry.  We generally try to teach our children good things.  This lady is not a good parent.  I mean there is just no other way to say it.  And there are women who behave this way who are really not in my estimation, fit to be parents.

I do not think I have to say anymore.

Please support and sign this petition.

Thank you.

Put An End to Namibian Seal Clubbing ! PLEASE SIGN ! !


Take action today and urge the Minister of Fisheries in Namibia to end this cruel madness!
Submitted by Cher C.

Put An End to Namibian Seal Clubbing ! PLEASE SIGN ! !
Cher C.
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 19:52:47 GMT

Demand justice for Daisy the cat killed by New York City Animal Control despite a rescuer's efforts ! SIGN ! !


Fourteen year-old Daisy the cat was dumped at the Brooklyn facility of New York City Animal Care and Control (NYC AC&C) by her former ‘family’ after having lived with them her whole life.
Submitted by Cher C.

Demand justice for Daisy the cat killed by New York City Animal Control despite a rescuer's efforts ! SIGN ! !
Cher C.
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 20:12:46 GMT

Daily life: schedule

4:28 PM, EDT:

Now I am feeling a good bit better.  And I can dual more work.  To begin with.  With what I have done so far I have illuminated about 75% of all of the email I used to get as far as human rights and petitions.  And the reason for that is because now those email are going to be handled by the newsreader that I am using FeedDemon.  And that of course makes doing the petitions a lot easier because I will be able to do so either inside Windows live writer without opening my browser at all or in my browser using Google plus.  But in reality I think that what I am going to be doing now.  Based on this new way of doing the petitions in the news is that I will be putting most things right into my Journal using Windows live writer.  Because I can do so right from FeedDemon into Windows live writer very easily.

Tomorrow at 915 I have to be ready because that is what they are going to pick me up like go shopping.  And everything should work just perfectly.  As I said, this will cut down the time from 4 1/2 to 5 hours to go shopping down to basically not more than 90 minutes.  And that is perfect.  Believe me, that is just perfect.

So let me get started and see what I can get done.

I will write later.

Daily life: schedule

2:24 PM, EDT:

I did a really huge amount of work today and I have gotten a lot of things organized.  But I have been working here pretty much steadily since around 4 AM, so I just need to try and get a little rest.  It has been a real long day.  I do not know if I would do anymore today, but I definitely got everything organized and I have tons and tons of news feeds now with all of the petitions are other causes so that I have got everything pretty much sorted out.  And at the same time have control of my email again.  But I definitely need to rest for a little bit.  I am just a little worn out.

I will write later.

CBS: Stop Shaming Domestic Violence Survivors for NFL's Failure to Act! - The Petition Site

CBS: Stop Shaming Domestic Violence Survivors for NFL's Failure to Act! - The Petition Site

This is another example, ladies and gentlemen of sexually immature men who are so insecure about their own sexuality that all they can do is to laugh at women who are being beaten and abused.  Of course men that do that often actually beat their own wives and they probably beat their own daughters they just do not talk about it.  And if they do not beat them, they probably abuse them emotionally or psychologically like browbeating and like saying nasty things.  Because the reality is that words can hurt as hard as a fist

I used to respect CBS but after hearing this report.  I do not have any respect for them at all.  Not one single bit.  If they are going to stand by and make jokes about the 6.6 million women who are beaten, raped and murdered every year.  Well, that really does say a lot about the men at CBS.  Because they probably do not give a damn if they see a woman lying on the street bleeding to death.  Because that is the kind of men they are presenting themselves to be.  And if they want to be that ugly then all I can say is, what is going to happen when it is like their daughter or their wife or their mother was being abused will they then be as cavalier, and is rude and as hateful?

Just remember, ladies and gentlemen.  Every 30 seconds.  Another woman is being beaten, raped or murdered in the United States.  Every single 30 seconds.  For anyone in this country to make a woman out to be the cause of her own abuse is probably doing so because they are either male chauvinistic, or they are in fact just cruel.  Every 30 seconds.  You are probably working in an office right now where there are women who have been abused or who are being abused and the best at CBS can do is to join Fox news and make a joke out of the whole thing.

Like I said, I used to respect CBS but not anymore.  Not if they are going to be this cruel and mean and hateful I definitely will never watch any of their programming and I am not going to support them in any way financially not as long as they think it is funny when women are being beaten and murdered.  I do not think that is funny, but the people at CBS do.  I wonder if Katie Couric feels that way?  I wonder if she feels that it is funny seeing a woman with a black guy with cigarette burns on her her arms.  But with a broken jaw.  I wonder if Katie Couric thinks it is funny seeing a woman lying in the street bleeding to death.  Because the minute CBS evidently think that is really a joke.  I wonder how Katie Couric feels?

How the hell did we ever get to this point?  How the hell did we ever get to a point where so many in our world are making it out to be sport to be a sport killing and abusing women?  How the hell did we ever end up being so rabid and so sadistically cruel?

For the sake of your own daughters and your wives and your sisters in your mother's for the sake of those you care about who are your neighbors.  For the sake of our women in this world and in this country.  The harbingers of life, ladies and John.  The ones who are responsible for bringing life into the world.  For all these reasons, and for the sake of all of the activists and advocates who are working hard to protect women.  Our sisters.

Please support and sign this measure.

Thank you.

Sean Hannity worries parents won’t be able to teach kids ‘gays are not normal’ (TEXT and AUDIO)


Fox News host Sean Hannity fretted on Tuesday that “liberals” were going to use the allegations of child abuse against NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s as an excuse to infringe on parents’ rights to instill their values upon their children.
Submitted by Carrie B.

Sean Hannity worries parents won’t be able to teach kids ‘gays are not normal’ (TEXT and AUDIO)
Carrie B.
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:47:46 GMT

Just another example of these right wing extremists, and the republicans and the tea party, trying to make the victims of domestic violence, and hate crimes, out to be the perpetrators of the crime. And doing so, in order to try and make the perpetrators of the crime look like the victims. All because Fox  News and the republicans, and the tea party, as good Christians (not), are demonstrating as much hatred as they can for the same type of people (those who had been cast out), as their lord and savior Jesus Christ died on the cross protecting.

We, the good, Christians, Catholics, Jews Muslims, and all people of faith, and all people of all walks of life and beliefs. We need to stand against this propaganda of hatred that is being supported and promoted by the right wing Christian extremists, the republicans and the tea party. And to not let them blame the victims of hate crimes, making them out to be the cause of the crime. When in fact the victims of hate crimes are just that. Victims of the hatred of others who are so backward and primitive in their thinking. That the only way that they can demonstrate their love of God is by hating someone or beating the hell out of them.

Save Polar Bears by Ending Artic Drilling - Sign Please!


The Arctic is home to a variety of animals that have evolved and adapted to the region’s harsh, frigid climate. These animals include humpback whales, caribou, narwhals, walruses, and of course, polar bears.
Submitted by scooby snacks

Save Polar Bears by Ending Artic Drilling - Sign Please!
scooby snacks
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:47:47 GMT

Just another example of the republicans and the tea party showing that they don't give a damn about our world. They don't give a damn about the environment. They don't give a damn about us. All they care about is caving in to the interests of the big oil companies, regardless of how much damage the oil companies to do our world, or to us.

And these republicans 'claim' to care about us. How does that work? I mean they can't care about us, while they are screwing the crap out of us, shutting down the government in order to take money from us, to give to the wealthy and big business.

Like I said, actions speak louder than words. If the republicans and the tea party want to "show" us that they care about us. They need to do so with their actions. Not by lying to us, as they do all the time.

Please, for the sake of your children, and all of our children, and our planet. Please support and sign this measure.


Save the Eurasian Oystercracher, it exists only on outer insular Islands, Help NOW!


The Eurasian Oystercracher is nesting on outer insular Islands only. On Inner islands they are seen time to time eating but nothing more.
The Eurasian Oystercracher moves always at the beginning of April. The Arctic nesting population come back at
Submitted by Leiah Sariell

Save the Eurasian Oystercracher, it exists only on outer insular Islands, Help NOW!
Leiah Sariell
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 15:47:48 GMT

TAKE ACTION: We can’t let Big Oil get away with this---PLEASE SIGN


"Tell the Department of Transportation: Keep exploding oil trains out of American communities. Submit a public comment now and we’ll deliver it before the September 30 public comment deadline." PLEASE SIGN.

TAKE ACTION: We can’t let Big Oil get away with this---PLEASE SIGN
Brian M.
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:07:46 GMT

1:35 PM, EDT:

Well here we go again.  The Republican Party tells everyone how much they care about us and yet all they do.  Meaning all the Republican Party ever does is turn around and screw us.  Because they do not really give a damn about us because they are always making decisions in favor of big oil and big business.  Even if it means hurting us, even if it means poisoning our air poisoning our water and poisoning our food.

I hope you will please support and sign this measure.  We need to protect what little of our environment.  We have left.

Thank you.

A Company’s Trying to Build a Mall in the Grand Canyon


What springs to mind when you think of the Grand Canyon? The unblemished majesty of 6 million years of nature at work (and, of course, life-affirming sunsets), or grabbing an Orange Julius on the way to Banana Republic?

A Company’s Trying to Build a Mall in the Grand Canyon
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:00:14 GMT

1:29 PM, EDT:

So let me ask you.  When was it a good idea to take one of the most unbelievable natural resources in the entire world.  And then to basically trash it?  I mean is that really something we want to do.  Do we really want to just basically blow away the brilliant and extremely unbelievable.  Grand Canyon by putting a shopping mall in the Grand Canyon or is this just another really stupid idea by people who are just extremely greedy?  You tell me?

Because I will tell you with absolutely no hesitation that I have seen the Grand Canyon I have stood there and if you have ever seen it close up the very first thing you would understand as at this thing this what you are looking at must be protected because it is that amazing.  I would urge all of you who are reading this to join me in the millions of others who are working to prevent this tragedy from taking place in the canyon.  Meaning putting a shopping mall in the Grand Canyon.

Thank you.

Thailand: Military trial of peaceful protesters an “affront to justice”


Headline Title: 

Thailand: Military trial of protesters an “affront to justice”

18 September 2014

The conviction of four peaceful protesters by a Thai military court today is an affront to justice and another sign of repression under military rule, Amnesty International said. 

The Bangkok Military Court today sentenced four individuals to three months’ imprisonment and 5,000 Bhat (US$150) fines for violating the ban on public gatherings of more than five people, imposed by the military under Martial Law. As the four pleaded guilty, the jail terms are suspended by two years.

“This is another attempt by the Thai authorities to silence dissent and make an example of those who voice opposition against military rule. These individuals have done nothing but peacefully express their opinions – they should never have had to face trials, and their convictions and sentences should be quashed immediately,” said Rupert Abbott, Amnesty International’s Deputy Asia Pacific Director.

“The four were convicted for acts that must never constitute offences in a court that must never try civilians.”

Shortly after seizing power in May 2014, the National Council for Peace and Order – Thailand’s military administration – extended the jurisdiction of the military courts to try civilians for breaching military orders and offences relating to “national security”. Dozens more individuals are set to face military trials for voicing opposition to the military over the coming weeks.

Amnesty International opposes the use of military courts to try civilians in all countries and in all circumstances, as it violates fair trial rights. Civilians convicted in a military court in Thailand have no right of appeal to a higher court.

“No civilian should be tried in a military court in any circumstance – authorities should move all such cases to civilian courts and stop prosecuting people for acts which are not internationally recognized as offences,” said Rupert Abbott

“Trying civilians in military courts with no right to appeal violates Thailand’s commitments to protect the right to a fair trial. The Thai authorities should also immediately reinstate the rights to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly – the current sweeping restrictions on these rights are creating a climate of fear.”

The conviction of four peaceful protesters by a Thai military court today is an affront to justice and another sign of repression under military rule. 

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Thailand: Military trial of peaceful protesters an “affront to justice”

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This is another attempt by the Thai authorities to silence dissent and make an example of those who voice opposition against military rule. These individuals have done nothing but peacefully express their opinions – they should never have had to face trials.


Rupert Abbott, Amnesty International's Deputy Asia Pacific Director


Thailand: No let-up in spiral of repression 100 days after military takeover


Report, 11 September 2014

Thailand: Military trial of peaceful protesters an “affront to justice”
Amnesty International
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 10:50:47 GMT

50 Dirtiest U.S. Power Plants Huge Contributor to Carbon Emissions



U.S. power plants added more climate change-causing carbon to the environment than...

The post 50 Dirtiest U.S. Power Plants Huge Contributor to Carbon Emissions appeared first on EcoWatch.

50 Dirtiest U.S. Power Plants Huge Contributor to Carbon Emissions
Anastasia Pantsios
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:56:18 GMT

1:22 PM, EDT:

Let us just be very clear here.  I have nothing against the power plants in this country.  But what I do have is a rather significant amount of interest in and let us just say that I am not very happy with, the pollution that is being generated throughout this country by the oil and gas industries, the mining industries and big business.  Because the pollution is poisoning our water and poisoning our land and our air.  It is even poisoning our food.  So you have to wonder about that.  You just have to wonder.

That is why this news story is important.  Because it is probably giving you information that you never realized.  And it is important for all of us because if we care about our families and our children.  Then knowing exactly how much pollution.  There is in the air we breathe can mean a great deal especially regarding our health.

The Truth About Black Shelter Pets


Ask most people involved in animal rescue, and they’ll swear it’s true: Black shelter pets are less likely to be adopted than pets of other colors. My own experience bears this out: During this year’s Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days event, the rescue for which I volunteer had very few dogs still looking for homes at [...]

The Truth About Black Shelter Pets
Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:02:42 GMT

Help lift the travel ban on Israeli whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu!


17 June 2014

Vanunu has served his time and should no longer be punished

Mordechai Vanunu blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear arsenal. The information he provided was published in The Sunday Times in 1986. Vanunu served 18 years in prison.

Vanunu was invited to London to talk about his experiences at two events in June. Fifty-four parliamentarians asked him to speak at the UK parliament. He was also invited to join a panel of speakers addressing whistle.blower protection at London’s Frontline Club. But the application for his travel ban to be lifted was rejected by the Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar, the authority imposing this particular ban, and then the Israeli Supreme Court.

Despite being released in 2004, Israel has continued to punish Vanunu. The authorities have imposed a range of restrictions forbidding him from leaving the country, talking online, communicating with foreigners without permission and entering embassies and consulates.

Join us and ask Interior Minister Gideon Sa'ar to take all measures to ensure Vanunu can enjoy the right to travel and speak to whom he wants.

We, the undersigned, urge you to reconsider Mordechai Vanunu’s application for the lifting of his travel ban.

Vanunu has already served his time. Furthermore, he is not a security threat to Israel or its citizens. The information that Vanunu revealed about Israel’s nuclear arsenal has been in the public domain for nearly 30 years. He has no more information and the information he does have is completely out of date.

Fifty four parliamentarians invited Vanunu to speak at the UK parliament on 18 June 2014 about his experiences. Amnesty International also invited him to speak at an event on the protection of whistle-blowers.

We urge you to agree to Vanunu’s plea; allow him to leave Israel and lift all restrictions against him.

Sign the petition!

Help lift the travel ban on Israeli whistle-blower Mordechai Vanunu!
Amnesty International
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 15:34:12 GMT

Air Quality

10:59 AM, EDT:

For the Cleveland, Akron, Lorain, Ohio area:

Particle pollution: 80
ozone: 27
temperature: 67°.
Humidity: 60%
air pressure: 30.12, rising.
UV index: moderate, 5.
Wind: West Northwest.

Obviously the air is not very good out there.  You only have to see this number to understand that the number represents that the air pollution is moderately unhealthy.  Because it is in the yellow range.  Meaning again, it is moderately unhealthy for anyone who has lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, older adults or young children.  Whereby these individuals and others who are sensitive to pollution are devised cut back on or reschedule outdoor activities and not to do anything outdoors that requires heavy exertion.

The workaround for that of course is that if you are wearing a breathing mask.  You can pretty much do anything outside.  You want.  Because you will not be breathing the pollution.

And again, this goes very clearly to the distance showing again that the politicians in the state of Ohio are basically doing nothing.  Republicans in Washington are doing nothing the tea party are doing nothing.  Most of the Democrats in Washington are doing nothing.  The EPA is doing nothing.

Because of all of these aspects of our government were actually showing any kind of real concern for the safety of the American general public then this number would not be 80 at 67°.  But it is.  Meaning that the governor of the state of I will does not give a crap for the safety of the people of his own state.  He does not care whether the air in the state of Ohio kills children and murders women because he of the governor for the state of I will really did not give a damn about the safety of the people in his own state that he would not allow these numbers to be so polluted where I Ohio is basically becoming an embarrassment to this country because the air is so filthy and not fit to breathe.

And for any of the politicians in Washington the sound off like they really give a damn about the American people.  My attitude is very clear.  I am fed up with listening to their words.  I want to see actions.  If they really care about the American people.  They need to put up and shut up and start showing us with their actions.  Because their words have done nothing except wide to us.  The air outside is moderately unhealthy.  Not so much for me as much is it is true.  People who have rather serious medical conditions.  And there are a lot of people who have lung disease and heart disease and diabetes who live in northeastern Ohio and many of them are probably not aware that the air.  They are breathing is dangerous to them.  And that it is in fact contributing to their health becoming worse.  And they are probably not being told.  Because the governor of the state of I will in the Republicans in Cleveland do not want anyone to really know they do not want the TV stations reporting about how filthy the air is in Cleveland.  Because Republican Party claims to be the only group of Americans who should have any rights in this country.  That is why they have done everything possible to tamper with the voting system and to do everything they can to destroy anyone who is not a Republican the Republicans in Cleveland are no better than any of the Republicans anywhere else in this country.  They have chosen to behave as monsters.  They are supporting the philosophy of laissez-faire and eugenics.  Eugenics, ladies and gentlemen.  The philosophy of killing people on the basis of genetic selection.

And that is part of why these numbers are the way they are.  The oil companies do not care.  The Republicans in Congress do not care.  The tea party does not care.  The Christian extremists who are the Krista conservative extremists.  They certainly do not give a damn.  And the Republican leadership in Cleveland does not care.  The Republican leadership at the state level does not care.  Because if they did care.  They would put up and shut up and it would start doing something to clean up the air that they are not doing anything they are doing nothing.  And we know that is true because Duke energy not more than 10 days ago dumped 800,000 gallons of toxic waste into the Ohio River.  Which is going to poison the water in New Orleans and in St. Louis and the governor of the state of Ohio did not do a damn thing he did not do one single damn thing to stop them from doing this.  He just sat on his ass and did not do anything.  Because that is what Republicans do they shoot off their mouth and then they do not do a damn thing to fix anything.  And you can see that very clearly by their behavior.  And not only the state legislatures in this country.  But in the United States Congress.

So this does not make you angry my question is very simple.  Why?  Because these numbers mean that the air is not safe for your children to breathe.  And if that does not bother you seeing your children end up becoming sick.  Because of the file, filthy air.  Well that is up to you.  I am a parent and I do not happen to like seeing children get sick.  Because the Republican Party is a bunch of lazy asinine bastards by their own choice, and they refusing to do anything to clean up the air we breathe.  I do not like that.  I do not like our children being poisoned.  I do not like our children being poisoned by the food they are eating by the water.  They are drinking or the air.  They are breathing.  That is how I feel as a parent.  That is how I feel as an American citizen.  I do not like our air becoming so foul that it is making people sick.  If you really do like the air becoming really foul and poisonous my question again is why?

So of you are living in the northeastern Ohio area.  My advice to you is to start wearing a breathing mask because you cannot trust Republicans.  Because they do not give a damn about you.  And if they say they do they are lying.  And if you want to prove that I am right.  Look at their voting record and you will see they do not take any action whatsoever to clean up the air we breathe.  Because they do not care.  They do not care how many of you drop dead.  They do not care how many of your children get sick.  Because all they care about is protecting the wealthy and large corporations and of course getting their money and of course shutting down the government any time they can because of their racial hatred for Pres. Obama because he is a black American.  And if that is the kind of government you want.  No problem.  Because that is the kind of government you have

It is their karma….  Not mine….

System Update/daily life: email

10:56 AM, EDT:

I have finally decided to take my email program back and how I have done that is to convert almost all of the major email I get, regarding human rights and petitions to news feeds.  And since I am using Windows live writer to interface with FeedDemon this will make doing the petitions a lot easier.  And it will keep my email program.  Meaning MS Outlook a lot more manageable.

That is why I have not been doing anything this morning because I have been actually going through and setting up some of these procedures.  Never fear I am still moving forward.

I will write later.

Air Quality

8:19 AM, EDT:

For the Cleveland, Akron, Lorain, Ohio area:

Particle pollution: 69
ozone: 27
temperature: 51°.
Heat index: 50°
humidity: 100%
air pressure: 30.09, rising.
UV index: moderate, 5.
Wind: East, Southeast

So were having fun.  Now.  69.  So the particle pollution is going up.  That is not supposed to happen.  But it is.  And basically what that means, as I always say is that it is.  Meaning the particle pollution level, in the yellow range which means it is moderately unhealthy for those who have lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, older adults, young children and anyone else who is sensitive to pollution.  Whereby, as a result, these individuals are suggested to cut back on or reschedule outdoor activities and not to do anything outdoors that requires heavy exertion.

And of course, the workaround to that is if you are wearing a breathing mask.  Then you do not have to worry.  Because you can then go ahead and breathe normally.  Because you will not be breathing in the pollution.

This also goes are very long distance of absolutely proving that I was right all along.  That during the fall and winter months.  The pollution levels actually do not change.  Which means these levels are not changing concurrent with or dependent upon any of the meteorological conditions such as humidity, air pressure or temperature.  Which means this pollution is coming from somewhere.  Some of it, of course, has to be the radon gas.  Which is extremely prevalent in the Northeast corridor and the Northwest corridor of Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively.  But also it has to be coming from all the fracking that is being done.

So the upshot is to simply be advised.  If it is in the yellow range.  I would not suggest going out without wearing a breathing mask.  Why subject yourself to that kind of poison in the air when you do not have to.  We are not responsible for doing this.  The wealthy and the large corporations are the ones who are responsible for poisoning our air with the coal mining and the oil and the fracking industries that they are in fact promoting and supporting.  They do not have to do that they are just choosing to do that.

I will of course continue making reports regarding air quality as they goes on.  I will write later.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be. 

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

System Update: Speed Step Technology

7:25 AM, EDT:

The first thing that I did recently was to give control of the computer more to the background processes than to the programs.  And that actually ended up being a very good decision because it was able to allow the programs to accelerate in their execution and in their performance while at the same time reducing the amount of stress on the CPU.  Meaning the main box of the computer.

And then I began to notice a little bit of acceleration with the computer, whereby I just was not really convinced that I have not done enough to perhaps take stress off of the CPU.  So I went back to investigating speed step technology and one of the things I read in Wikipedia was that part of what is read step technology does is to give more control of the actual CPU over to the software application.  While at the same time reducing rather dramatically acceleration in the system that of course produces excessive heat or also in addition, excessive noise.

And I thought that was really a very significant thing.

So as a result, what I am done is to do exactly that.  To turn on speed step technology.  And in addition I took the news reader out of Firefox.  So that Firefox basically loads with hardly anything except about three different add-ons.  And Firefox is as a result, performing much better.  And as far as a newsreader I gave everything over to the program called, FeedDemon.  And I did that.  Because using FeedDemon I am actually able to take the article and put it right into Windows live writer in a single step.  And that of course makes doing news articles a lot easier.

So that will of course facilitate doing news articles rather than having to do two or three steps I can just take a single step.  And I then have the article being presented.  And that is exactly what I need.

Now in.  Additionally, with everything I mean everything I need running at the exact same time the level of noise from the CPU has been minimized just a dramatically.  The point where I can actually hear the telephone.  I can actually talk on the telephone without lots of background noise and that is a huge plus.

So the only thing I was reading with regard to speed tech technology is that certain videos might have slight problems playing.  But those references were talking about specifically Windows 2000 and Windows XP.  There does not seem to be anything negative with regard to using speed step technology with the Windows 7 environment.  And of course the profile of my machine is actually on the face page of this Journal so that those of you who are technically inclined you can see exactly the makeup of my machine so that you can see how speed step technology is actually applying to my machine.  And why things are actually performing much better as a result.

Furthermore, in addition by going over to speed step technology things like, Windows live writer, are actually performing better as well.  This really makes me believe that when Microsoft was rebuilding Internet Explorer into IE 11 that they actually were building in an accommodation in IE 11, whereby when a user on certain systems might actually select to have the background processes have more priority than the programs IE 11 would then be able to juxtaposition itself in such a way as to accommodate that kind of management or system management, whereby as a result the programs would operate a lot better.  Which is exactly what they are doing.

There is a lot that is actually good with IE 11.  But then there is also a lot that just really is not very friendly are of much use.  The best browser I have ever found to use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking has always been Firefox and it will remain so because I do not believe Microsoft is that really committed to speech programs.  Not anywhere near as much is the people at Firefox are.

So now doing my work as I call it, will of course be a great deal easier.  Because I can actually hear myself think in here.  And I can actually use the phone.  If I need to.  And also because I am in the midst of automating most of the mail inside MS Outlook.  This of course is making things a lot easier and well.  Plus, I am also going to begin to relegate as many of the news items that I get normally to FeedDemon so that I have everything in one place so that I can just very easily go ahead and put the article right directly into Windows live writer with hardly any trouble, and not a lot of manipulations like I have to go through with Firefox.  Which is not a drawback to Firefox.  It is as I have said simply because Microsoft has an attitude where they do not want anyone to have any kind of synchronicity with Windows live writer, unless they are using Internet Explorer, which as I have said to me is probably a rather unintelligent or at least unenlightened position.  Because Microsoft is being far too proprietary, at least in that regard, and so consequently they are doing nothing but frustrating some users like myself because they are so proprietary

In any event, that is how things are going and my system is actually running a lot better.  And it is so much quieter and more efficient, and things are running faster and more effectively and this means it is going to be just so much easier getting everything done.

So it is 7:35 AM.  And it is time to see exactly how completely nuts.  The world is today.

I will write later.

Daily life: air quality, schedule, dreams, blogging, personal

4:31 AM, EDT:


Well, I just had one hell of a dream.  All I remember is that the main character in the dream, who was myself was someone around, I think, about 14 years old.  And they were riding their bicycles and it was in an urban area, and they were confronted by motorcyclists who were going to probably do them in.  So this bicyclist then began going down one road after another.  And then finally started to try to get into the schoolyard and they literally had to jump with their bicycle over barbed wire that was laying across first the driveway and in and around the schoolyard.  And then when this one motorcyclists who was no longer on his motorcycle was now chasing this nonperson on foot.  The bicyclist leaned forward on his bicycle and spun the bicycle around and hit the other guy in the head with his rearwheel knocking him out and then again jumped over more of the barbed wire in the schoolyard where he got to the other side of the schoolyard.

And then I woke up.

With a huge migraine.  But that is normal.  With this kind of junk that goes on in this city.  During this time of year, that is completely normal as to what that dream meant.  Do not ask me I do not have a clue.  If I said I understood what the hell that dream meant I would be lying.  All I know is that generally in dreams you are.  Every character.  Meaning that in dreams.  You are not only every character, but you are actually working out stuff in the subconscious all dealing with your life.

So right off the bat.  The thought comes to mind that I was remembering when I was attacked when I was 12.  Only I was not that agile back then.  Because when my bicycle hit the curb I literally flew right off the bicycle and before I knew it.  My face was scraping the ground.

So maybe I was dreaming about that wonderful event.  When the nice people of Cleveland Heights decided it was a good idea to demonstrate how much they hated me by trying to kill me.  Who knows.  Not the best way to wake up.  But it is okay.

And so as I am stumbling through the kitchen to make a cup of coffee.  My cats are all over the place meowing because they think they are going to get a can.  And I kept telling them, give me a break.  I am just waking up.  Try your best.  Like they can really understand that.  And when I woke up.  I mean, they were all around me.  Every one of them.  Bilbo was on the chair Frodo was on the footstool right by the chair Frank.  He was right at my feet on my right will not at my feet, but right by the extension that I have made to my chair and then Cleo believe it or not, was directly under my legs.

And with cats being so incredibly intuitive God only knows what they were sensing.

Personal health:

So I read yesterday how this bronchial virus is just literally exploding through the country.  That convinces me wearing my breathing mask when I go outside is probably one of the best ideas I ever had.  It is a damn straight, bet that I am definitely not taking off that mask when I go out anymore.  The last thing in the world.  I need or want right now is a bronchial infection.  So that is not going to happen.  Even if I look really dumb wearing a breathing mask.  I do not care.  It does not bother me.  I do not mind looking dumb.  Other than that I feel pretty good.  The air in the house is really clean and the pollution level outside is bad.

I mean, I always knew inside me ever since I first moved back here in 1984, I knew there was something going on.  I knew there was something wrong with the air in this area I just could not put my finger on it.  Aileen and I used to talk about that all the time.  Well, not all the time.  But every now and then.  And I kept telling her.  I know there is something wrong with the air in this city.  I just know there is and as I said, I have never done readings for particle pollution at this time of year.  And I think it is just absolutely beyond incredible that what I have been thinking all these years is right.  Because the pollution level.  This morning stinks.  Which explains absolutely so much over the last 30 years.

Because as I have said since I have not been breathing the pollution outside of this house.  Because I have been wearing this breathing mask.  I am telling you, I have not felt this healthy or this good in over 30 years.  I mean, I have not felt this good since I lived in Denver.  And in Denver, I felt great.  I mean, the air was incredible.  Back then.  But here in Cleveland.  Believe me, within one week after I moved into this city, back from where I had been living all over the country.  Within one week when I got up out of bed.  I immediately lost balance and fell flat on the floor.  And the doctors kept saying it was a sinusitis reaction.

Like hell.  It is not a sinusitis reaction.  It has a reaction to the radon gas in the area.  That is part of it.  But now 30 years later when our air is so absolutely poisonous it is definitely not just the radon gas.  And then when you think that we have this bronchial virus going around that literally exploding all over the continent.  Well, that pretty much settles it.  I am not walking out of this house without my breathing mask on.  It is just not going to happen.

So it is another fun day in the neighborhood.  Oh joy.  Well, let us see exactly how retarded the air quality is today.


For the Cleveland, Akron, Lorain, Ohio area:

4:47 AM, EDT:

Particle pollution: 67
ozone: 34
temperature: 49°.
Humidity: 100% (no wonder my head feels like someone hit me in the face with a large shovel)
air pressure: 30.05, rising.
UV index: moderate, 5.
Wind: East Southeast

So for those of you living in the Cleveland area or the Akron and Lorain, Ohio area.  Like I am.  The particle pollution level.  This morning is in the yellow range.  Meaning that it is moderately unhealthy.  And that it is advised that anyone who has heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or older adults or young children cut back or reschedule outdoor activities.  And refrain from doing anything outdoors that requires heavy exertion.

And of course, the workaround to all that is that you do what I do.  And you wear a breathing mask because then you can do anything you want outside because you will not be breathing the pollution.

But you can bet your bottom dollar it certainly explains why the hell a lot, at least for me over the last 30 years.  And with the humidity being 100% and the barometric pressure on the move.  No wonder I woke up with a huge migraine that explains it.  And it is actually going to be clear all the way until Sunday when there is a 50% chance of rain Monday there is a 30% chance of rain Tuesday a 40% chance of rain and temperatures are moderate 65 today 70 on Friday 78 on Saturday and then 70 on Sunday and then 65 on Monday.  And then 62 on Tuesday.

And the hourly news interesting.  It stays in the 40s until around 8 AM.  Then from 8 AM to 10 AM moves into the 60s and the humidity finally start breaking off at around 8 AM.  And that is a good thing.  My head will probably feel a lot better.  So like I said, it is another fun day in the neighborhood.  But it also says real clearly that everything I thought all these years was 100% correct.  That what I was dealing with was not sinusitis completely.  But that I was actually reacting to radon gas in the area and other pollutants in the air.  Stuff that is not present in the air in places like Denver, or perhaps Arizona.  You cannot say that anymore about Texas.  With all the fracking going on.  You definitely cannot say that about Texas.  No place on earth is immune to the insanity of fracking

And the coffee is just now starting to make me feel a little bit normal.  Whatever the hell normal is.  And I just did one of my stretching exercises to stretch the muscles around my collar bone.  And that felt really good.  But with the air quality the way it is right now.  You can bet your bottom dollar I would walk out of my door without that breathing mask to save my life.  Not that I now know exactly what is in the air.


Now as I said doing these petitions, it really does not make any sense whatsoever to share them using blogger because doing that is about a three or four step process.  Whereas sharing them on Google plus is just a single step.  So that is where the petitions are going to go because there is just so much email.  I mean, there is so much email to get through.  I am most feel like I am a production company.

And I have not even been able to look at the news.  Because there is just been so much email to deal with.  That is why I am sorting my email so that I can only or I rather only have to focus on just the petitions.  And I can use the news stories for reference, which is what I intend on doing.  Because it does not really matter whether I report on a news story concurrently when it is happening because I am not a news service.  The news stories are more for expressing particular anthropological and sociological points of view based on where we are in what we are doing.

And additionally to provide health information and scientific information that I think might be important or might be interesting to you who are my readers.  So it is not really so important to be reporting on or writing about a news story concurrently when it is happening is much as to write about it when I believe that doing so might actually be a good idea sociologically or anthropologically or politically or for one of those other reasons.  So I am going to do more sorting.

Which means that as far as contributions to the Journal.  They will all be done inside Windows live writer and they generally will be the news stories with the petitions going up on my Google plus page.  It is just a way of keeping things organized.  Besides the news is just beyond crazy.  Some of these news stories I am reading I just completely on the dark side of the darkest type of insanity.  I could ever imagine.  And people think I am nuts.  That is the surprising thing.

So that is how I am going to handle everything.


Now tomorrow at about 9:30 AM.  I am going to be picked up so that I can go and do my shopping.  And it really should only take about two hours for everything.  Which is a huge improvement on the 4 1/2 hours.  I would normally spend to go and do the shopping.  And the only thing is that I have to have two dollars for every trip.  Which is not a big deal.  Believe me, two dollars is not a big deal.  Especially when it is going to save me from having to go through all of that pain on the bones of my feet.

Because like I said I am really extremely healthy.  And my bones are really incredibly strong.  I mean, they really are.  They always have been.  The only problem is that standing on my feet for a great length of time or doing all that walking is not hard for me physically really in any way.  But it is incredibly painful.  And not because of my physical health, but because my bones are that sensitive.  That is the whole issue.  My bones are that sensitive.  And not I do not think because strictly only because my bones are older than the rest of my body.  But because of the nerve damage I have through my body as a result of my operation.  My spinal fusion that singular moment when they basically rebuilt my back.

So under those circumstances definitely two dollars is not an issue.  And then I will have enough food to get through the rest of the month.  But I also have to make a call tomorrow because I am supposed to be reevaluated for my food stamps.  For $15.  That is what it comes down to.  There are all these gyrations that have to take place.  So that I can get $15.

That speaks volumes about our government.  I mean, the reality is that it is costing the government more money than $15 to go through all the gyrations of reevaluating me to give me the $15.  It is actually costing the government almost $100 to do the evaluation to give me the $15.  Talk about a penny late and a dollar short.

I mean, if you are talking about the cost factor in reality, when you figure everything that is involved.  It probably costs almost $200 for the government of all heil to go through all of the gyrations that they are going to go through in order to give me $15.  So you figure it out.

Because as I have said, generally in any given month I hardly ever use that $15.  Because it is only $15.  And if my life depends on $15 then I am definitely not doing a very good job of managing my life.

Which is why I said to my neighbor yesterday when they told me that one of my other neighbors was completely out of food that my first response was.  Of course they are.  They spend most of their money on drugs.  So why would not they be out of food?  And then of course I said.  And they obviously do not know where the food bank is, which is only a mile away, right?

I mean, there is no excuse for someone who actually has a living residence to be out of food.  There are so many services in every single city in this country and I know this is true because I see the reports every day.  So there is no excuse for anyone who has a living residence to ever be out of food.  There are food banks everywhere.  There is such a huge effort in this country to fight hunger that for anyone to be out of food at the end of the month means either they are basically either brain dead, or they are definitely not paying attention.

And in the case of this one individual.  I have in the past tried to give them food from what I have had here in my house and their response has always been.  Why do not like eating that kind of stuff.  At which point in one of the conversations that I had with this neighbor.  I said.  Of course you do not.  That is why you have no food because you are going hungry and you are so particular that you will not eat.  Most of the stuff that is available.  Because you want only what you want.  Which is why you are out of food.  I said.  You need to understand when you are out of food.  You have to remember, it does not matter what you are finding as long as it is food.  If it will sustain you and make you healthy.  You eat it.  That is how you survive.

Of course that one over about as well as a lead balloon.  Because it did not even register on them.  And I know that is true because here we are a few months later, and they are out of food again.  Which is why I said to my neighbor the other day.  I said I am sure glad my light is on.  I am not going to turn off my light for the rest of the month.  And they said.  Of course not.  They said, maybe I need to put one of those signs on my door.  And I said.  Believe me, it would not be a bad idea.  Look at our neighborhood.  There is so many people who have trouble getting dressed, let alone connecting the dots.

I mean, people sit there and they look at me at the amount of money I get.  And they think that I am doing something magical.  Because I am actually doing as well as I am with a little bit of money I have but that is not the case.  First of all, I was a financial analyst most of my life, I have owned four different companies.  I was a partner with my father for over 25 years in our own company.  So obviously I learned a little bit about how to manage money.  So it is not magic.  It is just thinking real clearly about what you have and where you have to get to every month.  That is all that it is.  It is not magic.  And you cannot be greedy.  And you also cannot be anxious.  You have to remain calm and you have to be extremely regimented and you have to understand that on the money that you are getting.  You cannot go out and buy anything you want.  You have to actually schedule what you buy.  And when you buy certain things.

Because the other option is to go ahead and get a credit card and then buy anything you want.  And then end up in so much debt that they end up taking your house.  And then there you are living on the street.  And that is just definitely one of the worst scenarios in the world.  I have been there.  I have done that.  Not so much because of my own personal choices.  But because of circumstances.  So I know how it feels.  And that is not what you do.  When you are living alone.  And you live on very little money you pay attention.  You pay attention, all the time.  And you are not greedy you are not impatient and you do not get anxious.  And you live by the rule less is more.

That is how you get through.  It is not magic.  It is not rocket science.  So absolutely.  I am not turning off my light.  There is no way.  If this one neighbor is out of food I just know that there will be others knocking on my door.  Because they will be out of one thing or another.  And at this point.  I just cannot be that kind of charitable service.  Because I just do not have much for myself.  Although in some cases, I am more than happy to help out.  But when someone is basically ending up where they are because they are being really stupid.  I just do not have a lot of patience with that.  I mean being stupid is the easy thing to do in life.  Because we have a lot of people every day who are demonstrating all kinds of real huge stupidity in their lives.  I mean, if that were not true, then we would not have so much drug addiction and addiction to painkillers and alcoholism and all sorts of other addictions.

I mean, every time I see one of these programs to help someone quit smoking I just sort of laugh.  Because I have never needed anything like that if I wanted to stop smoking all you need is strength of will.  That is all.  And the only reason I smoke is because I enjoy it.  I always have.  It is not the smoking that screws up my body.  It is the pollution in the air.  It is the radon gas that basically permeates this entire region.  That stuff does one hell of a lot more damage to me than smoking pipe tobacco.  Which is why I smoke pipe tobacco.  Because it is the one tobacco that is not treated with any kind of chemicals.  I even have about five yes, I have five different books on the subject of growing tobacco, two of them on growing pipe tobacco.  And I have actually known some tobacco growers through the years.  So I know a lot about how different types of tobacco are processed.  Which is why I smoke pipe tobacco.  Because it is the only tobacco that is not treated with chemicals.  Because of the way that they manufacture or manipulate the tobacco for sale.

Pipe tobacco is generally flavored by smoke.  That is the reality.  The leaves hang upside down in a tobacco drying shack.  And the leaves are then exposed to different types of smoke which then imbues the tobacco with some of the qualities of the smoke in the drying shack that the tobacco leaves are being exposed to.  And because pipe tobacco leaves are hanging upside down with the leaf downward while they are drying most of the nicotine actually drains out of the tobacco.  So pipe tobacco actually has the second least amount of nicotine in the tobacco.

Cigarettes or cigarette tobacco actually has the least amount of nicotine because they basically cut up the tobacco and cut it several different ways in order to manufacture the tobacco for cigarettes and in order to boost the levels of nicotine in the tobacco because they have cut the tobacco so many times that is where chemicals are applied to the tobacco to in fact increase the levels of nicotine in the tobacco to make it satisfying for those who smoke cigarettes.

And because of knowing that.  I have always chosen to smoke pipe tobacco rather than cigarettes.  Because I just do not like all those chemicals going into my body.

So I see all these programs to help people quit smoking.  Like I said, I generally laugh because that is not what you need.  If you want to quit smoking the easiest thing to do is simply make up your mind to do so.  And then you become determined and then you simply stop.  That is all there is to it.  There are physiological reactions that take place in the first 10 days up to about 25 days where your appetite will fluctuate and you will have certain urges but that is where you have to have a strength of will.  You have to take control of yourself and not allow anything to run you.  You have to run yourself.  And that is where a lot of people seem to have problems.  It is not that hard to do.  It is really not.  You just have to have a certain amount of strength of will.  That is all it takes.  It is not a mystery.

And the other reason I smoke is because I live completely alone.  And I never smoke when I am outside and I never smoke around anyone who is sensitive to smoke because I do not need to.  Because I am not addicted to the nicotine.  I do not smoke.  Because of the nicotine I smoke because I enjoy the taste that is all.  So, if I am around someone who is sensitive to smoke.  I do not smoke.  It is just real simple.  It is not a complicated question.  Because I believe in being polite.  I believe in being considerate.  So it is not really a complicated issue.  But that is where our world has basically fallen on its rear.  People do not really know how to be very polite to each other anymore.  All we do is argue and scream and yell at each other trying to kill each other telling how much we hate each other with wars going on all over the planet.  Because we just have so much hatred that we cannot even control ourselves.  We can even realize that while we are arguing with each other.  The planet is basically self-destructing.

Which is why I sometimes say that I am sitting along side of this River watching humanity in the River basically trying to tear itself apart and as I sit on the bank of the River watching all this.  I just sort of wonder.  I wonder how much longer.  Humanity will behave this crazy.  I mean, people think I am nuts.  That is the joke.  My life is ordered and generally I pretty much know what is going to happen at any given moment.  Because I pay attention.  Which is why when one of my neighbors will say something about what is going on in the neighborhood, and they may sound worried.  And then they asked me if I am concerned.  My answer is always the same.  I tell them I am really never concerned.  Unless I look out of my front door and I see a mushroom cloud about a mile away.  Or if I see perhaps an angry mob heading toward my house with torches.

And then of course they laugh.  But really, that is true.  I mean we have a lot of people in the neighborhood who end up having health issues of one kind or another, where there are EMS teams to come into the neighborhood for emergency health issues.  So, of course I look to see who in fact is having a problem.  But generally I do not sweat the small stuff and everything is small stuff.

So my plan today is to have a little more coffee and then simply dive in.  That is the best thing to do.  I mean the world is basically insane.  The human rights reports are just awful.  They are hardly ever about good news.  They are always about some terrible tragedy in one place or another.  Because that is the reality.  People are suffering and dying every single second.  Because of man's inhumanity to man.

In literature as you are learning how to write stories you are confronted with three different scenarios.  One is man against nature.  Another is man against animal.  And the other is man against the inhumanity of man.  I mean, those are the three basic scenarios for writing stories.  So of the three different scenarios.  The one that is basically a completely no win situation is man's inhumanity to man.  Man against inhumanity or the inhumanity of man.  That is the scenario where in a story.  If you are writing a story.  Generally, there is not usually a good outcome.  When you are writing.  You can actually construct a fairly decent outcome with man against nature or man against animal.  But when it comes to man against the inhumanity of man.  That is where trying to write story becomes really interesting because you cannot ever count that man will have any real humanity.  Because man generally has shown that mankind generally does not.

So with another cup of coffee.  I should be just about there.  I just did another one of my spinal exercises to stretch the top portion of my spine and that felt really good.  I have around 40 different exercises that I have been taught over the years to alleviate different kinds of spinal stress.

And today I am just going to listen to New Age music and classical music while I am trying to work.  It just seems like the right thing to do.

So that is pretty much the way things are supporting.  The air stinks.  The weather is nice, but the air totally stinks.  And we still have over 10 days to the month and people are already running out of stuff.  Why am I not surprised.  On my android phone.  I have lots of ways to check the news, both nationally and in the world.  And locally and it is always never any good.  So on the main screen of my phone.  I just have the little icons for the stuff I use all the time.  So now it is 50°.  Well that is great.  I will be reporting on the air quality during the day.  Seeing as how Cleveland having a problem with pollution like it always seems to.  And I will probably hit the ground running within the next 15 or 20 minutes, so let us just see how completely nuts.  The world is today.

I will write later.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be. 

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sitting by the river, watching humanity self-destruct

9:56 PM, EDT:

The right hates the left.  The left hates the right.  White hate the black.  The placate the white.  And everyone else hates everyone else.  No amount of love.  No amount of hope.  No amount of reasonable thinking that things going to fix anything.  Because the right wing is so hateful that they will never stop until they get exactly what they want, even if it means the destruction of the entire world.  They will care.  The right-wing extremists.  Meaning the right wing extremist Christians in the United States who claim to be pro-life they will not stop no matter what until they kill the last woman in the world.  They will not stop until they kill everyone in the world where they can hold their Bible above their heads in one hand and their gun in the other and say to God that they have murdered everyone in this world.  And that God is next to God dares tell them what to do because they are so full of hatred that they do lie.  They lie to themselves.  They lied their families.  They lied to everyone about how kind and how caring.  They are when in reality they are so full of hatred and racism and a good tree that as far as they are concerned.  No child is a good child, unless it is their child and every other child should die.


So now that we have finally arrived had being primarily a planet of killers and murderers and rapists wife beaters child beaters child abusers animal abusers now that we have gotten to the point where we hate education we hate science we hate art where the news media is talking to children not about the beauty of art and literature.  But how to make money and what degrees.  Not to get because if you get those degrees, you will not make any money.  So our children are not learning how to learn their learning simply how to make money.  Because learning art and literature means crap.  Nobody wants to learn art and literature anymore.  Nobody wants to understand anthropology nobody wants to understand humanity.  Nobody wants to understand the reason why we have become so dysfunctional nobody cares.  Because everyone is so full of hatred and so full of violence that our planet is exploding with the violence.

In any of the darkest thoughts I ever had in my life.  I never thought that I would ever see us get this dark, but we are.  We are definitely this dark because we do not care.  The pro-life movement screams out they are pro-life while they are taking a gun and killing a doctor or Planned Parenthood.  They are saying they are pro-life while they are stepping over the dead body of a woman they have just helped to kill herself and as she is lying on the pavement, believing they are saying hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah.  Thank God as they step over one body after another of dead women.  They have made kill themselves and they cut them open and they grabbed their babies and they step over the dead bodies with their Bible in one hand and their gun in the other singing hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah, thank God, and the blood runs on the pavement, and they sing hallelujah.  Thank God.

I mean that.  So far beyond crazy.  It is so far behind absolute being sick with sadistic hatred and cruelty that there is no cure for that kind of sickness.  There just is not they will never stop.  No matter what they will never stop.  No crime is too great.  No amount of killing is too much no amount of hatred is too excessive.  They will never stop.  Even if the entire planet blows up with their dying breath.  They will be singing hallelujah.  Thank God I have killed one more woman I have murdered one more child-killed them and their lying dead in front of me, hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah, thank God.

And people think I am crazy.  That is the really surprising thing.  People think I am nuts.  I am the one who believes in life.  I am the one who is a pacifist.  I am the one who actually believes in what Jesus and Mohammed and Buddha and Allah and God, and Moses actually stood for what they actually believed in and yet I am the one who is crazy.

Great.  You are killing mentally ill children shooting them dead in the street.  Now there is really evolved thinking.  There is real.  Social maturity.  Take a gun and kill him mentally ill child in the street because we do not like their color are we do not like them, or we do not understand them.  So it is just a lot easier to take a gun and blow their brains out, then it is to show any kind of compassion God for bid God for bid.  We would ever show any kind of compassion for someone who is mentally ill.  I mean, that would be the human thing.  And we certainly do not want to do that.  Because as the right wing Christian extremists always say.  We are Christians.  We do not care about being human beings we do not want to be human beings, because we are Christians and Christians kill and Christians murder women and they kill children and they support war and they own guns, and they march around with their Bible in one hand and their gun in another hand killing children murdering women killing anyone they do not like.  And then singing hallelujah hallelujah, thank God, hallelujah, hallelujah, thank God.

And I am the one that is crazy?  I am the one that has a mental illness?

They are so far beyond crazy that there just is not even a definition.  There just is not.  Because the more you try to explain to them how they are behaving like monsters, the happier they become and the more bloodthirsty they become convinced that Jesus is going to come down and thank them and bow down to them as if they are more important than Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ is going to come down and thank them for murdering women killing children slaughtering people leaving their bloodied bodies laying on the ground that Jesus is going to say good job?  That is how crazy they really are because they really believe that Jesus Christ is going to say thank you to them for killing like they have done for murdering like they have done for lying and cheating and stealing for beating people to death for shooting mentally ill children in the streets they think that Jesus is going to come down and say thank you.  And that he is going to say good job you done a great job.  Because I love seeing you kill mentally ill children in the street.  Do they really think Jesus is going to say that?

And I am the one that is crazy?

No wonder I do not have a problem with dying.  Who the hell would want to be part of the human race, or any race of animals that have reduced themselves to this kind of extremely disgusting anti-life kind of behavior?  Who the hell in their right mind would ever want to brag about the fact that they are a human being.  When the best that we can do is go out into the street and start shooting children and killing them because they are mentally ill?  Thank God I am not a teenager at this time in history.  Because I would probably be one of those dead children lying in the street.  I know that is true.

No wonder I like being by myself alone in this house away from all of this sickness in the world.  Away from the alcoholism and the drug abuse and the pill popping and all the other junk people are doing that themselves because they do not have the guts to stand up within themselves and celebrate themselves.  Thank God I am in this house where I do not have to hear all that noise, or be part of it.  And if I did not have this house.  Trust me, I would find a way to get the hell away from all of this.  I would find an island anywhere I could or I would find some place in the world to be as far away from this as possible.  Because this is no longer life.

It is a bunch of maggots climbing around on the dead bodies trying to kill each other.  That is what we are becoming God for bid any of our young people should actually go into art or should actually take literature as a major God for bid any of our children should ever learn about some of the great painters of the great authors or the great composers God for bid that our children should ever learn about sociology or anthropology or psychology or any of the other aspects of trying to understand ourselves.  Because it is much more important for them to simply go to school and learn how to make money, get a degree that will make them money.  That is what it is all about the hell was learning the hell with education.  The hell with understanding art or literature or music.  The hell with anything except making money and being right.

When I saw that kind of absolute stupidity and insanity.  When I was in college.  The only thought I had was to run like hell.  Which is exactly what I did.  I walked away I did want to be part of any university or college that had that kind of philosophy training young people simply how to get a job and make money not to do research not to learn anything but just how to get a degrees.  So they could go out and make money.  I did not want to be part of that kind of thinking and I never have.  To me that is probably one of the dumbest ways of existing I have ever seen in my life.  But that is okay.  I am the one that is crazy.  Right?

I do not even know if I can look at another petition.  I do not even know if I want to.  I know I need to not because any of these petitions depend on me.  Good God, no.  They do not.  When you either fight back against this kind of really ugly stupidity, or you cave in to it.  Like I said, I am really glad I am in this house, locked away with the light on.  So that nobody will bother and I can be left alone so I do not have to hear any of the absolute, asinine stupidity and all the other stupid noise.

Yesterday one of my neighbors told me that one of my other neighbors is out of food.  That they have no food so that they are now going around some of the neighbors and asking for food.  At which point I then said to this neighbor, law.  Obviously they do not realize that there is a food bank about 1 mile away.  Do they?  And my neighbors said well now I guess not.  And I said, and how old are they?  And my neighbors said well about your age.  And I said so in other words, and all those years that they have lived.  This is where they got to.  Where they are spending most of their money on drugs and now here at the end of the month.  They have no food, and they do not even know where a food bank is when there is one just 1 mile away, and they cannot even take care of themselves.  At which point my neighbors said, well, yeah.  I think that is about right.  At which point I said, well, I am sure glad I have my light on and my door lock.  Because if that is what is going on outside.  I not going to be consciously here.

But I am the one that is crazy.  Right?

People think I am a fool.  Some people think I am an ass hole.  Some people think I am a jerk.  Some people think that I tell nothing but stories and lies.  Which is of course not true.  None of it is true.  Those are just viewpoints.  But that is how people think of me, and they always will.  Because it is not a damn thing in the world.  I could ever say that this world or anyone in this world to get them to see me is what I really am.  Because you would have to meet me in person, and most people do not even want to do that.  No one from my days at southern Arizona school has ever contacted me even once.  Not one single one of the other students I would to school would has even communicated with me even once.  No one from Fort Lewis college has communicated with me.  Not one single person.  No one from any of the places I have lived anywhere in this country has ever communicated with me.  Not one single person.

The people who I communicate with around the country are people who I did not go to school with people who I met in life.  People who I met other than when I was working at a particular place or when I was going to school at Fort Lewis college or going to school at southern Arizona school in Tucson or going to school at Case Western Reserve University.  The people who communicate with me are people who are sort of like, Aileen.  People who just know that we are friends.  We are more than just friends.  We are like family.  So nobody from southern Arizona school or Fort Lewis college's ever even spoken to me once.  They have not yet they do not care about me.  No problem.  I get the message.  They thought I was pretty much weird.  When I was going to school with them so they have not changed.  They still think I am stupid and weird that I am not really worth anything that I am just nothing but a stupid worthless whatever.  And people wonder why do not want to be part of Facebook.  Why the hell what I ever want to be part of Facebook.  No one ever communicates with me.  Anyhow.  It is like it is my job to communicate with everyone else, but who reaches out and communicates with me?

It is okay.  At age 63.  I do not have that many years left.  At least I hope not.  I do not know how much more of this completely asinine backward and completely primitive insane world.  I can take.  We do not even given damn about life anymore, what we talk all about being pro-life, we do not even care about life.  Because pro-life does not mean being pro-life it means being pro-, our life.  Not pro-life.

It is okay.  I get the message.

If I wanted to.  And up where I am.  I mean if I really thought when I was a kid that this is where I wanted to end up.  I could not have done a better job.

There was only one time in my life I ever heard.  My father talk in one particular way and I never really ever understood why he ever said what he did.  Just before we sold pioneer linen supply company.  He would say.  Every now and then that doing business today, back then, was just getting too difficult, too much work that was not anywhere near as easy as it used to be.  And I never really related to those sentiments he had.  I always thought maybe it was just because he was getting older.  Now I definitely understand why he said those things.  I understand real well.  Because now I feel the same way.  And I do not even own a business anymore.  I could if I wanted to.  But in this environment.  I would not try starting a business, even if my life depended on it.  There is just no way.

I would not be part of the business community the way it is right now for all the money in the world.  There is just no way I would ever want to be part of what doing business in the world today has become.  There is just no way.  I do not even like being part of the world anymore.  I mean, we are not doing anything really good.  Were arguing with each other about how to kill each other as quick as we can.  We are murdering women.  We are killing children.  We are shooting mentally ill children down in the street we are waving guns in the faces of young mothers and their children and stopping them on the highway threatening them.  We are teaching our children to go to school with the intention of beating them brains out of anyone they do not like we are allowing customers to carry automatic weapons over their shoulder into stores where there are children and mothers, going shopping. We will find is people going to church wearing a gun or having an automatic weapon over their shoulder so that if anyone walks up behind them and says God bless you, the person will turn around and immediately kill them dead.

But I am the one that is crazy.  Right?

I do not even know if I can look at another petition right now.  I do not even know if I want to.  I am going back to sleep.  I am going to meditate myself to sleep in the safety and the quiet of my own away from all of this absolute madness.  Thank God I have this house.  Thank God it is quiet saying God that light is on.  And thank God nobody bothers me.  Thank God that.

Maybe I will get lucky.  Maybe when I go to sleep tonight.  I will not wake up.  But I am not really that impressed.  I am just at the point where I want to puke.  That is the kind of world we have built.  That is the kind of world we have.  A world that makes me sick to my stomach.

But I am the one that is crazy.  Right?

Kansas Teen with Mental Health Issues Shot and killed by 15-16 Police Officers (Updated)

Kansas Teen with Mental Health Issues Shot and killed by 15-16 Police Officers (Updated)

4:29 PM, EDT:

Sometimes I get a chance to talk to people who were actually around 40 years ago and 50 years ago not off but I do, and is usually a very interesting conversation.  Because we generally agree.  It is not the same world anymore.

I wonder.  In my entire life.  I never thought that I would feel such sadness at losing my wife.  My life has been rather amazing in so many ways.  And yet everything I learned in my whole life was really for that one single section of time.  Those eight months in 2010.  When this one single person who basically became every aspect of what completes me was dying right in front of me.

I have been mentally ill, or at least determined as having mental illness since I was about 12 years old, even though at age 4.  I actually tried to take my own life.  I lost a number of friends to suicide.  And as I have said, I have actually seen three people kill themselves right in front of me with two of them being where I was rushing with every bit of speed.  I had to try to get to them in time and I just was not fast enough.

People respond to things differently.  This is just the way humanity is.  And maybe I am just really quite peculiar.  Maybe not.  But the thought of someone who is dealing with mental illness.  Which is a really hugely terrifying experience.  It is much more fearful than people realize.  Most of the people in the normal world that a lot of us who are mentally ill call, the normies, generally do not have an understanding of how much fear there is inside someone who is dealing with mental illness.

I do not very often talk about the fear I deal with, or the different types of fears I have but it is their.  For example, something small as having to confront the fact that I actually need someone to come by and give me a lift in order to get to the store.  Believe it or not having to decide that was one of the hardest things I have had to do.  Since Aileen died.  Because it is an admission that I am really 63 years old, which I do not often think about.  I get up in the morning, well, I actually sit up.  Because I am basically in this chair.  I suppose I could sleep in a bed.  But I would have to be a 45° and I probably would not be able to do so alone.  Because the chance of suffocation is just too great.  So the chair is just easier.

So I wake up in the morning and because I always feel guilty about being on disability and not being able to contribute more to what is going on in the world.  I do everything I can to try to contribute in one way or another.  And the way have chosen is probably one of the least favorable ways in the world.  Because when you write human rights.  You generally do not make lots of money.  And you do not make lots of friends, and you want real popular, and you generally make pretty much everyone uncomfortable.  Because you are always asking those kinds of questions that nobody wants to talk about.  And you end up always putting everyone else first.  Because for some reason.  Inside yourself.  You just know that in the scheme of things you really do not matter.  Because there is just so many people so many tragedies so much suffering that anything you might have just does not even really matter at all.

Perhaps if I had never had to have my spine rebuilt basically in 1968.  If I had never gone through that maybe I would be a lot different than I am, but I did go through that.  I did see nine children in 8 1/2 months die right in front of me.  Often times within inches where I could not do anything at all.  I could not help them I could not save them.  And there was no one there are talking to any of us.  There was no one there giving us any kind of psychological assistance or anything.  And at age 17 watching all that happened.  It literally tore my insides out.

I used to have to roll my cart out of the hospital itself out in back where there was a large field and I would cover myself up with blankets because it was wintertime just to get away with constant screaming the constant crying children in such pain and there was nothing I could do.  And I cannot even remember most of what happened.  It is just too painful.  I remember there were times I thought I was going completely crazy.  That I was losing my mind.  Because it never stopped all night all day long children crying in pain in the matter what I thought.  The matter what I wanted to do a quick do anything.

It literally was tearing my heart apart.  Because there was nobody talking to any of nobody was doing anything like nobody cared.  And then they just kept dying one after.  And every time one of them died I felt like with them.  Like I was dying.  Also.  So when Rosie before she died asked me to always remember the other children.  I had no idea that she knew even at age 3 that she was dying.  I had no idea.  But I promised her I would do that in the very next week.  She was gone.

To this day tears just streaming down my cheeks to just come when I think about her.  Such a young and innocent little girl no family, no friends except me, you could look at her face without absolutely falling in love.  And I mean, as a parent.  Her eyes were huge her smile was literally like looking at the sun.  It was just remarkable.  So when she asked me to always remember the other children down in the could say was yes.

So I see a story like this.  I remember not only Rosie that the other children that I consider part of and to be the sacred nine.  They will always be that to me.  Nine tiny souls.  The world did not really know who they were and did not even know they were there and in a matter of moments.  They were not there anymore.

What the hell are we doing?  What the hell are we doing?  Fighting with each other tearing each other apart our rage and anger controlling us our addictions consuming us.  What the hell are we doing?  I mean, is this really all we are?

I usually have a certain amount of stamina to look at some of these news stories, but I just do not have the stamina to do anymore today.  I just cannot.  Police officers are supposed to be our protectors.  So where were they in this story?  Where were they protecting the life of this child?  What the hell are we doing?  It does not matter what argument I might write it does not matter what I say none of it matters because it is not going to change.  We are to consumed with anger and rage and hatred we do not want to stop.  Which is why we will not stop.

It makes 40 years ago seem like it almost never really happened.  And yet I know it did.  It seems like I was on a different planet.  Because what we have now is nothing like what it was that nothing at all life then was fun.  It was adventure.  It was living what we have now cannot even come close.

I have to take some time I just have to decompress.  I will write later.

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be. 

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)

Abortion Opponents Caught on Tape Explaining How to Violate Patient Privacy

Abortion Opponents Caught on Tape Explaining How to Violate Patient Privacy

3:33 PM, EDT:

As I have continued to maintain the right wing Christian extremists of the United States and the Republican Party and the tea party who make up the bulk of the so-called pro-life movement are not anything about being pro-life.  They do not really care about life.  They do not give a damn about living people.  All they want to do is harvest babies and to force women to propagate against their will.  Because they subscribe to the philosophy of eugenics.  Which is committing mass murder of people on the basis of genetic selection.

That is what the so-called pro-life movement is really all about.  They do not give a damn about saving anyone's life and when they say they are good Christians.  That is not true.  They are not good Christians.  Because if they were good Christians.  They would not be involved in this kind of illegal activity.  But they are because that is the kind of people they are.  That does not mean every single Christian who is pro-life is a part of the right wing Christian extremists of the United States, not by any means.

But it does mean that the right wing Christian extremists of the United States and the Republican Party have chosen to behave in one of the most evil and mass murder oriented types of behavior.  Since Adolf Hitler in World War II.  Because they do not care how many women.  They kill they do not care what laws they break as long as they get their way.

And what is really sad is that these people go to church and then they pray to Jesus Christ about what good Christians.  They think they are, when in reality they are showing absolute and total disrespect and hatred with the type of behavior.  They are promoting and supporting.  For one of the types of people that Jesus their Lord and Savior died on the cross protecting.  Meaning women.

But the reality is that you can show all sorts of proof to these people.  You can say anything you want to them, and they will behave exactly like Ted Cruz they will look at you and they will smile and they will go ahead and take like the higher ground like they are better than you are and they will wish you well.  And then they will say.  God bless you and then as soon as you turn your back.  They will take out a gun and they will shoot you in the back and they will kill you.  And then after they have done killing you.  They will then go and kill everyone in your family.  And then they will go ahead and go to church and thank Jesus Christ for giving them the ability to go ahead and murder women and kill women and support the beating and raping of women and to support the beating and raping of children where they teach their children to go to schools and act like bullies where they teach their children to beat the crap out of any other kid at school that their child does not happen to like.  So they promote hatred they promote hate talk they promote lying.  They promote committing illegal actions in this country violating the law.  Because they do not care about anything.  All they care about is getting what they want.

And the tea party and the Republican Party are just only too glad to cave in to these right-wing extremists.  And as a result, the Republican Party is no longer the party that supports the government of Abraham Lincoln, which was in fact a government of the people by the people and for the people.  Because now the Republican Party supports the beating and killing of women and the hatred of women and murdering of women.  And we know that is true because Fox news is a very staunch Republican TV service and it was not more than 24 hours after Ray Rice beat his wife in the elevator when Fox news was making a joke about it.  And that is how most of the Republicans on Capitol Hill and a lot of their supporters actually feel.  That it is funny seeing a woman with a broken arm and a black guy they like seeing a woman being beaten to the pavement and bleeding on the ground so that they can just walk over her and then say that it is her fault that she got beat up.  Because she is actually the predator because she is not allowed to walk around in any way.  She should not have any freedom.  She should be chained to a wall where she is forced to give babies in other words, forced to propagate against her will and if she does not she should be killed because that is what the pro-life movement of the right wing Christian extremists have always supported.

Or are we, ladies and gentlemen, forgetting how the right wing Christian extremists have blown up Planned Parenthood clinics?  I we forgetting how they have killed and murdered doctors?  I we forgetting about how they spend almost all of their money.  If not all of their money on lobbying and protests and lawsuits.  Which means none of their money goes to helping anyone who is alive.  So they are helping with their money to sustain life at all?

Actions, ladies and gentlemen.  They always speak louder than words.  Anybody can say anything they want.  But the fact is that every year in the United States, more women are in fact being murdered or raped or beaten, more women are having their lives destroyed.  In the United States, which is 78% Christian, then all of the people who died during World War II in the death camps.  Because approximately 6,000,000 people died in the death camps of World War II.  I know I am a Jew.  I was raised on that.  So in the United States, which is supposedly a very free nation.  A nation where everyone supposed to have freedom is not it interesting that more women are having their lives destroyed.  In a single year than all of the people who died in death camps during the four years of World War II?

Is not it interesting that the Republican Party refuses to take any action to protect these women.  And that in fact they make jokes about them.  And in fact they make the women actually the predators when the women are actually being victimized?  They blame women for going out they blame women for what they where they blame women for how they look.  They blame women for making men do what the men are doing to the women.  They blame women for being beaten by a man saying she is making the man do that they blame women for everything.

And then what happens is they turn around and they make sure that every governor in the country is Republican or will in fact do with the Republican Party tells them.  And so consequently in the United States, we have laws, where women are required to die in order to make sure they propagate to make sure they give the state that baby and what that is called is legalized they be harvesting.  And I know what I am talking about.  Because the same thing was done to my mother.

So the story is really not a surprise to me at all.  And this is not about people, ladies and gentlemen, this is about behavior because no one is making these right wing Christian extremist behave in an anti-Jesus Christ, anti-God way that they are behaving.  Because that is how they are behaving.  They are in fact putting more importance on the book of Saul than they are in fact on the teachings of their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Because of Jesus Christ does not tell them what they want to hear.  They then start looking in the Bible to justify anything they can because of their hatred their racism and their bigotry their homophobia their stupidity their hatred of science their hatred of everything.

And they are raising their children to do exactly the same thing.

I can use every single argument I know of.  I can try to talk in any possible way that I can to elucidate this extreme tragedy going on in American culture.  And yet I know full well, after 46 years of trying to do this, that the right wing Christian extremists will never listen.  Because they do not care.  They never have.  They have not changed since their ancestors the Puritans were thrown out of then, England.  Because that is exactly what happened.  The Puritans did not come to North America seeking religious freedom.  They were thrown out of England, and they were thrown out because they were trying to do in England the same thing they have been very successful at doing right here in this country.  They are idea of the world is to have a world would nothing but Christians who are white.  And to this day in the United States of you going to certain sections of this country and you say that Jesus was not white.  You will end up being killed.  That is really true.  More true, then you might want to realize.

And what is really sad is that this small right wing extremist group of so-called Christians is not representative of Christianity.  Because they are not following Jesus Christ.  I have so many friends who are really amazing Christians and Catholics and Muslims and Jews and Wiccans and pagans and Druids Native Americans and Buddhists.  People of every religion.  People like you and like me.  People who believe in life.  People who believe in enjoying this world and trying to make friends, rather than always trying to make themselves out as being better than someone else.  People who enjoy getting along, rather than fighting.

What we are doing to women in this country is absolutely a crime, not just a crime against our mothers and our sisters and our daughters and our wives and our partners.  It is a crime against God.  It is a crime against the creator.  Whether you call it the goddess or the gods or Buddha, or Mohammed or Moses or Jesus, it does not matter.  All of these personalities lived their lives defending women.  So for any of these right-wing extremists of any religion, whether they are in Israel or any other country like Iraq or Iran.  It does not matter.  These right-wing extremists are not following Mohammed.  They are not following Moses.  They are not following Jesus.  They are in fact using other sections of whatever Bible they are looking at or the Koran just to be able to justify their hatred their selfishness their racism and their murderous behavior against women and against the most innocent in our world.

And if we do not stop them.  They will get what they want.  And when they get what they want.  They will not like what they will have gotten.  Because the world.  They will have will not be what they expect it will be a world that is literally in ruin with the environment so poisonous that hardly anyone can breathe without breathing apparatus the water will be poisoned the earth will be pretty much ruined from all of the pollution we are doing to it.  And countries will be set up on the basis of theocratic fascism so that nobody will be friends with anyone else.  And everyone will have guns.  And everyone will kill anyone who ever says anything and children will not be encouraged to learn science or to stretch their minds or to be the best that they can be but will be taught simply do put up and shut up and learn how to be good little workers and do what they are told.  And to hate anything that is different.

Not my idea of a good world.

So you know where I stand in all of this because I have made it very perfectly clear.  I would give my life.  This very second I would die gladly if my death would bring to a complete stop all of the killing and the abuse of women in this world.  And all of the killing and the abuse of children.  And I am not saying that because I do not think it will ever happen I am saying that because I really hope it would happen.  That is my death actually would stop all of this ugly crap.  We are doing.  Believe me, I would have no problem dying.  This very second I would gladly go to God on that basis.

I do not know how the rest of you feel that my darling, Aileen was a survivor of domestic violence.  And I have lost four amazing what I call sisters sisters in my heart brave and amazing women who are murdered as a result of domestic violence.  I have also known a few women and I will not say how many because I do not think it is important.  Women who have died as a result of barbaric medical procedures.  Women who have died because they were forced to propagate against their will.  And the Krista conservative extremists did not even care.  They did not care that she died.  All they cared about was that they got the baby.

If that is not a similarity to the book by George Orwell, 1984, I do not know what is.

Think about it.  Because if we do not stop this kind of ugly diatribe and this ugly mass murder and collective abuse of women in this country.  If we do not stop the Republican Party and the tea party from their campaign of hatred against women.  The ramifications are not really going to be desirable in any way.  You can only push any group of people regardless of who they are or what type of people.  They are you can only push them so far.  And when you do one of two things happen.  They either disappear or they fight back.

For the love of God for the love of humanity.  Why cannot we treat women the way we are supposed to why cannot we remember that what we do to them.  We do to ourselves?

I send good energy and high hopes for happiness, good health, and all good things always to everyone.

Blessed be. 

The mind is like a book. Opened and much is learned. Closed and nothing is learned. (N. Maschke – 1994)